We are looking information about nanotechnology and new products. Can you recommend me some reports?

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Thank you for this inquiry. Our database has many reports about chemical and material industry and nanotechnology.  Below, just five reports are highlighted.

Report 1:  World Intellectual Report- Bayer, Jan 2015

This report has a segment dedicated to nanotechnology breakthroughs in 3D printing particularly the next level of this technology with new materials; new materials such as fullerenes, carbon nanotubes and graphene; and commercial nanoelectronics.

nanotechnology products

— World Intellectual Report- Bayer, Jan 2015

Report 2: Unclassified Global Tire Market, OECD, Jul 2014

This report discusses new applications of nanotechnology in the tyre industry such as nanopreme, purenano, NanoPro Tech, PAB-PDM, nanostrings, POSS, carbon nanotubes, graphene, aerogels, nanodiamond, and fullerenes.  There is a table with descriptions of each of these technologies and their market readiness such as “market entry,” “prototype,” “applied research,” and “basic research.”

“These are “traditional” tyre rubber raw materials, but produced at the nanoscale. The additive significantly reduces wear of the tyre tread and improves dry road grip by between 10% and 15%” (pg 27).

— Unclassified Global Tire Market, OECD, Jul 2014

Report 3: Geographical and regional shift in the textile industry, Jan 2015

This report highlights the breakthroughs in nanotechnology for the home textiles industry.  There is a section that discusses how nanotechnology will improve the functionality and use of textiles with regard to integrating antimicrobial functions in the age of disease epidemics.  There is an analysis of the need for these types of products when assessing the value of sales are for bleach, home care disinfectants and topical germicidals/antiseptics.

“Nevertheless, the arrival of nanofabrics has the potential to bring meaningful development to a category in which significant product innovations are few and far between” (pg 11).

— Geographical and regional shift in the textile industry, Jan 2015

Report 4: Case studies on the countries’ initiatives for green growth; Nanomaterial in Norway/Sweden, Mar 2014

This report discusses the development and use of nanotechnology multi-layer paper packaging and creating alternatives for oil-based packaging materials.  The cost opportunity has not yet presented itself but it surely in the future for release.

Report 5: Commercial Opportunities and Market Demand for Nanotechnologies in Agribusiness, Jan 2015

This article in the Journal of Technology Management & Innovation has a segment discussing new possibilities nanotechnology in agribusiness in the climate of global food shortages in the developing world and trends of population growth. This technology has the potential to develop to include slow release pesticides, diagnostic tools, nano wrappers to keep pathogens away, interactive herbicides among others. There is also a segment on the trends, market size, and market segmentation of nanotechnology in this sector. Finally, the authors conduct a competitive analysis and present the future outlook.

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the chemical and material industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.