What are the new technologies that are going to disrupt the hybrid and electric car markets?

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Hybrid cars are rapidly gaining market share and the sale of pure electric cars is expected to take off towards 2020, as some of the technical and economical challenges are resolved.  Toyota is centering its approach on fuel cell hybrids while Tesla on pure electric cars.  Range extenders are a technology that are breaking down the difference between hybrid and pure electric cars.

Power electronics, new motors and super capacitors are expected to be some of the main technological components that change the hybrid and electric vehicle market.

The report shows how Tesla and Toyota are in a good market position because of their previous efforts in the industry, which are only now ready to pay off.

The IDTechEx report finds that the global sale of hybrid and pure electric cars will triple to $178.9 billion in 2024 once these new technologies come into play.  The report includes a breakdown of hybrid vs. pure electric cars, premium vs. mainstream and homologated vs. car-like vehicles.  It features interviews throughout the text as well as a forecast of the industry for 2014-2024, including number, cost and market value of different types of car and technology roadmaps.

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