What can you tell me about the organic food market in Canada?

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Thanks for your question. There are many reports discussing the organic food sector in Canada.

Report 1: Canadian Retail Market Perspective Shelf Stable Fruit Beverages, May 2015

This report discussed the market size in 2012, which is now the fourth largest organic food market in the world.  This report also discusses which category is the leading organic food category such as fruits and vegetables, beverages, dairy/eggs, bread/grains, etc.  It also shows the most used retail sales channels such as mainstream retail, natural health & online retail, direct to consumer, foodservice institutions or buying clubs/cooperatives.

retail organic food canada

— Canadian Retail Market Perspective Shelf Stable Fruit Beverages, May 2015

Report 2: What’s Transforming Healthcare, LifeSciences British Columbia, Oct 2015

This report shows the size of the natural and organic foods market compare to the size of other markets like supplements, functional foods, and natural/organic personal care products

Report 3:  Strategic Analysis, Loblaw-Company Report, Oct, 2015

This report discusses the rise in demand for organic foods as a result of the rising health and obesity concerns in Canada.

“The organic market has tripled in size in recent years, and many companies such as Loblaw have taken advantage of this trend” (pg 5).

— Loblaw-Company Report, Oct, 2015

Report 4: IMPACT, Food in Canada, Apr 2015

This report discussed industry trends in health organic foods as well as the sales volume in 2012 compared to 2006.  It also discusses how many Canadians buy organic products each week and also discusses data for British Columbia specifically.   Finally, it discusses where there is potential for entry and growth into the market.

“In Canada, there has been a small but increasing organic agriculture sector since the early 1980s. In recent years, this sector has seen dramatic growth with organic food consumption developing at a faster rate than production” (pg 2).

— Food in Canada, Apr 2015

Report 5:  Organic Advantage, Jan 2015

This report discusses the relative net return estimates for grain production in Canada for 2015 comparing the organic and conventional crops for the same soil/climatic zone.  This analysis  also compares the Western Prairie Region (i.e. Southerm Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta) to the Eastern Canadian Region (i.e. Southern Ontario and Quebec).

“Organic grain farmers in the Western Canadian prairies, despite the fact that they spend half as much per acre, will net twice as much as their conventional neighbours in 2015” (pg 6).

— Organic Advantage, Jan 2015

This report also discusses and depicts organic food sales and the rate of growth from 1998 through 2014. Interestingly, it is reported that organic food purveyors are offering financial incentives to attract more organic producers and buying more land to meet the demand thus demonstrating the imbalance of supply and demand in Canada.

This is probably the most comprehensive document for data on the market size, demand and growth.

Company level reports:

  • Flowers Foods: Agriculture Industry Flash, Bunge-Company Report, Sept. 2015. Discusses their acquisition and growth plans for an organic product line
  • Sprott Resource Corp, Investor Report, Sept 2005

Supports a company specializing in high growth natural and organic meats such as Canadian Premium Meats, Beretta Farms, Chinook Organics, Black Apron Beef, Heritage Angus and more.

I hope you find this useful, and can see that there is a lot of useful information available through the portal about the food industry. If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports, please feel free to contact us.