What is driving growth in the business of ice cream?

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This report published by Euromonitor International  in November 2015 about the business of ice cream, looks at how the price point affects a brands positioning and drives growth within the ice cream market, as well as analyzing many other processed food markets.

It looks at the different pricing strategies of various brands and how they affect overall sales, aiming to understand if it has a positive impact on sales.  As a follow-up to a report on price positioning and brand performance within the chocolate confectionary market, the interesting finding of this report is that there is the opposite connection in the ice cream market.

The report offers a global insight into the packaged food market and includes buzz topics, emerging geographies, trends and categories.  It also looks at the leading brands and companies, analyzing their positions in the market.  It provides a strategic analysis on the trends that are driving the packaged food industry, such as health and wellness, premium products, convenience and value for money.  It also looks at how these trends are impacting other factors, like new product developments, packaging innovations, retail distribution and retail pricing.  Theses insights include both historical information and future projections.

In addition to ice cream, this report also covers baby food, baked goods, biscuits, snack bars, breakfast cereals, confectionery, dairy, ice cream, frozen desserts, oils, fats, processed fruit, processed vegetables, processed meat, seafood, ready meals, rice, pasta, noodles, sauces, dressings, condiments, soups, spreads, sweet snacks and savory snacks.

Within these submarkets, the report analyzes their market sizes (both historic and forecasted), company shares, distributions data and brand shares.

This report gives a detailed picture of the packaged food market, showing the growth sectors and which factors are driving change.  It can help you understand the competitive environment, the major players and leading brands.  There are also five year forecasts of how the market is expected to develop.

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