What is the current structure of UK beer market like? Could you provide some insights?

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We can provide some reports talking about the beer industry in the UK from industry leaders such as the United Kingdom Government and Mitchells & Butlers plc, and Martson’s plc. Among these reports you will find data on the beer production industry as well as the pub industry, which is a closely related market.

The United Kingdom Government’s Competition & Markets Authority has released many reports on the market size and sales of beer since 2008 until the present by top brewers. In this report, you will also find the structure of the beer market with regards to top manufacturers as well as mergers and acquisitions over time. You will also find market share data for global beer manufacturers that sell in the UK.

“In 2008 SABMiller combined Miller Brewing Company with the US business of Molson Coors, to create its MillerCoors joint venture in the USA. Furthermore, in 2011 SABMiller, acquired the Fosters Group in Australia”

— The United Kingdom Government’s Competition & Markets Authority

“As shown above, SABMiller/Carlton United Breweries’ market share in the supply of beer in the UK is insignificantly low, forming parts of the ‘Others’ category and having less than 1% on a national basis.”

— The United Kingdom Government’s Competition & Markets Authority

You will find historical quarterly charts and graphs on the UK on-trade beer volumes from 2005 to 2015. You will also find industry leader reports demonstrating their market positioning as well as growth plans in beer production as well as opening new pubs. Marston’s plc, for examples, has also released a report worth noting showing their forecasts for growth in the United Kingdom (Marston’s Investor Report, 2014).

You will also find in our database reports with information on subsidies and tax cuts in the cidermaking industry.

“Tax cuts given to the alcohol industry in 2014 and 2015 were estimated by the Treasury to total a cost to the public purse of £2.4 billion”

— Alcohol Health Alliance UK.

alcohol price index relative to retail price index in the UK

— Alcohol Health Alliance UK

 Finally, you will see reports in our database on specific beer brews that are growing in popularity in the industry such as Cask.

“The number of UK pubs continues to fall but cask ale pubs fare better and the net distribution of cask ale is increasing”

— The Cask Report, 2015

“If current trends continue we expect cask to account for one in five on-trade beers by 2020”

— The Cask Report, 2015

Lastly, you will find additional reports from industry leaders such as Brewers of Europe, and Flanders Investment & Trade.

If you have any additional needs or questions about our reports on the beer market in the UK or elsewhere, please feel free to contact us.