What is the state of the 3D printing industry and who are the key players?

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Report 1: 3D Printing, Sophic Capital, Inc, January 2015

This report discusses the history of 3D printing as well as the current state of the industry. For example, the United States patent that covers the sintering process expired on January 28th 2014, which led to the growth of the commercial 3D printer market.  However, the consumer market has not followed that trend despite expectations that it would.  There is discussion of what the barriers are to the commercialization of the printers including existing patents that had not expired yet, material inputs that require special handling not likely on a commercial level yet, lasers are powerful enough to melt metal that is also not consumer friendly.

Despite these conditions, companies have still attempted to commercialize this technology.  There is discussion on the Kickstarter campaigns for these printers, which raised the concern about price.  There is discussion about the price point that the prices would need to be in order to be adopted commercially.

There is additional detail as to the market forecast with a range of predictions of growth from 33% to 45.7% CAGR from 2013 to 2018.

This report also introduces the key patent holders including 3D systems, Stratsys, University of Texas, Alliedsignal, 8pm Technology, University of South Carolina, Dtm Corporation and Charles Hull.

Report 2: 3D printing set to ignite major debate on ethics and regulation, January 2016

This article discusses the current ethical questions surrounding the medical application of 3D printing to print living tissue and organs. This use has advanced quickly called for a debate on the ethics of the practice in 2016. For example, Hangzhou Dianzi in China has already invented the biomaterial to print a kidney that worked for 4 hours, which brings the day of organ printing closer.  There is also a discussion of the predicted success rates of 3D bioprinting in emerging markets in particular because of the access, return of investment and supply chain benefits.

Report 3: 3D printing technology leads to new business opportunities in China, January 2016

This report discusses the role of China in the 3D printing market and new business opportunities in this country. China alone has 8.7% of the world’s 3D printers and will invest $313 million in this technology over the next 3 years. The total market in China is expected to grow by 40% between 2016 and 2020 and ranks 3rd in the number of 3D printing patents.

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