What kind of business opportunities and forecasts can you provide when it comes to Internet of Things solutions?

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This report published by Mind Commerce Publishing in December 2015 about business opportunities and forecasts for Internet of Things, describes the agency’s findings with regards to the outlook of the Internet of Things (IoT) between 2015 and 2020; covering big data, security, smart cities, data as a service, embedded systems and industrial internet.

The Internet of Things is forecast to transform business practices in every industry, especially with Machine to Machine (M2M) communications, global IT support systems, both short range and macro wireless networks, network signaling, authentication and data management systems.

The foundation of IoT deployment will involve embedded systems, particularly in industrial applications.  Sensors within these systems will generate large amounts of unstructured data in real-time, which will increase intelligence and insights to dramatically improve machine decision-making processes.

The report shows a significant business opportunity for Cloud Service Providers and Big Data Analytics within IoT.  Mind Commerce anticipates that security intrusions will become more impactful, so there is also a greater need for end-to-end security for IoT systems and services.  This will be important to minimize industrial espionage, damage to enterprise assets and also potential harm to human beings.

This is the most comprehensive report available on business opportunities, forecasts and solutions as the Internet of Things emerges.  It covers business drivers, technologies, leading companies, applications, services, market segments and the future outlook of the IoT.

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