What kind of STB (Set-Top Box) market report do you have and what kind of information are you able to provide?

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We have a report published on October 2015 by Transparency Market Research that can give you a global industry analysis for the STB (Set-Top Box) market.

The Set-Top Box devices enables the end-user to enjoy a greater variety of channels, as well aiding in higher picture quality. The report indicates the growth of Set-Top Box (STB), is resulting from digitization of TV broadcasting and high definition (HD) channels, where both a higher picture quality demand is resulted. The advancements in technology, will enable the STB to obtain content via the internet and to supply the end-user with a range of internet based services.

The in-depth analysis in the report provides a deeper understanding of the global STB market. This analysis is based on geography, video quality, and product types.

To obtain a better perspective, the geographical regions are segmented, and then analysed in terms of revenue generation. The geographical segments are: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa (MEA), and Latin America. 

The research indicates as product type segments of STB: video quality (standard definition and high definition), cable STBs, satellite STBs, IPTV STBs, and Hybrid Broadcast Broadband (HBB) or hybrid STBs. The study also shows the factors that have an influence on STB market growth, in terms of revenue, the market share and key players. The prevailing market trends, prospective growth opportunities, and major strategies increasing the popularity of STB are discussed in the research report.

For a better understanding of the competitive environment, the study shows who are the major players of STBs. The research report reveals the adopted strategies, market positioning, and recent developments of these major players.

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