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Where can I find the latest trends in the automotive industry?


Thank you for sending your question to ReportLinker.  We have looked through our portal and selected four reports that we hope will help you with your query.

The first report is Automotive Megatrends, published by  Just Auto in January 2016.  This 52 page study predicts unprecedented change in the industry due to a combination of technological, demographic and economic factors.  Tighter regulation is expected because of climate change, while personal connectivity is also expected to be a market driver.  Key factors that will affect the market include urbanization and the rise of megacities, the multi-polar world of emerging economies, industrial consolidation, demand for greener vehicles, new business models, advanced safety systems, autonomous cars and the digital retail revolution.  There is also information on how companies will need to formulate strategies to keep up with the changes in the market.

The second report is the 2016 Outlook for the Global Automotive Industry.  Published in March 2016 by Frost & Sullivan, this 110 page study takes a detailed look at the industry and makes forecasts for the future.  It expects the market to slow down in China, decline in Japan, but continue to grow in Western Europe and the United States.  The growth in the US and Western Europe is expected due to the aging of the current cars in the market.  The SUV segment of the market is expected to grow at rates in the double digits, while Volkswagen’s sales will remain stable rather than decline, despite the scandal.  Car-as-a-Service business models are also expected to have an effect on the market.

The next report is Frost & Sullivan’s Outlook of the Global Automotive Aftermarket.  Published in February 2016, this 78 page study forecasts the market to have a 4.7% compound annual growth rate in 2016.  The number of vehicles in operation are expected to grow sharply over the 2016-2020 period, bringing new opportunities for service providers and light vehicle parts.  This study covers the prospects of the markets in North America, Europe, China, India and Latin America.  It provides revenue forecasts, information on trends as well as a future outlook for each region.

The next one is the Plimsoll Publishing Ltd UK’s Automotive Global Industry Report.  This 170 page study is from April 2016 and it features both a written and graphical analysis of the 111 largest automotive companies in the world.  It has information on which companies are the best trading partners, both in sales and financial strength.  In this, ChangChun Faway Automobile Components Company Limited was ranked number one.  Dongfeng Motor Group was viewed as the fastest growing company in their analysis.  Plimsoll’s study also looks at the gross profits and pre-tax profits of the companies, ranking them amongst small, medium and large categories.  These analyses will help readers understand which companies are strong and utilizing their investments and which are burdened by debt.

We hope this information has been helpful to you.  There is a lot of useful information about the automotive industry in ReportLinker’s portal.  If you have any questions or further needs, please feel free to contact us.