Who Are the Top companies in the Fertilizer Market?

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The fertilizer market is growing rapidly worldwide.  By next year, it is expected to be valued at $193 billion, which would be 5% growth since 2012.

There are three types of fertilizers:  nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, and potash fertilizer.

Globally, a third of the market is dominated by five companies:  Agrium, CF Industries Holdings, Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, The Mosaic Co. and Yara International.

In China, the push for modernization has led to a rapidly growing economy as well as increased factory output.  The players in the market have consolidated with the encouragement of the Chinese government.  While the market is expanding in the nation, it does face some challenges.  It lacks both investment and innovation in research and development.  The report Fertilizer Markets in China by Asia Market Information and Development Co. provides detailed data on the top fertilizer manufacturers in China, their market share and the latest information on Chinese government regulations in the industry.

In the United States, fertilizer stocks fell in mid-April, closing .8% in the S&P 500.  The company which fell the most was Agrium, which dropped 5.6% to $83.2 a share.  Several other companies also had their stock downgraded.

According to Market Realist, the reason behind this drop include:  Urea and ammonia, key fertilizer ingredients, have had their prices drop over the past few months.  The supply of international fertilizers has grown.  The number of acres of corn that will be grown in 2016 has increased 6%, and crop prices had decreased since 2014.

Agrium is the largest U.S. provider.  The world’s largest provider is Potash Corp.  It is followed by Mosaic, Uralkali, Belaruskali, Yara, OCP, CF Industries, Israel Chemicals, Agrium and K+S.

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