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Yearbook of World Electronics Data Volume 4 2015/2016

Yearbook of World Electronics Data Volume 4 2015/2016
  • Publish Date:August 2015

  • Number of Pages:174

  • Report ID:3271164

  • Format:PDF

  • Publisher:Reed Electronics Research

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Annual survey of the electronics industry in Eastern Europe providing production data for the period 2012-2015 and market data for the period 2012-2018. The report also contains a unique world summary (production & markets) for the 53 countries covered in the Yearbook series. Published since 1991 data is supplied for 12 countries and 13 major product groups

In the context of the global electronics industry East Europe, at US$57.3 billion, accounted for 3% of electronics output in 2014 and held a 4.5% share of the global market at US$81.2 billion. To the east Russia and the Ukraine accounted for 12 % and 34% of production and the market, respectively in 2014. The current conflict in the region has impacted both production and the market and is expected to continue to subdue demand over the short-term. In the longer-term and assuming the current situation is resolved the market will gradually rebound and in turn lead to an upturn in foreign investment. The electronics industry in the remainder of Eastern Europe accounted for 88% of electronics production and 66% of the market in 2014. The region’s position as an emerging market, the close proximity to Western Europe and lower manufacturing costs has resulted in significant foreign investment by some of the world’s leading electronics groups, with the focus on computing, communications and consumer electronics. Production within the core 3C segment is focused on the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. In 2014, the share of 3C accounted for of overall production ranged from 60% in Hungary, to 81% in the Czech Republic, 83% in Slovakia and 84% in Poland. However, with volume manufacturing in the hands of a relatively few companies the region has been vulnerable to decisions made by individual companies as they look to align production to demand and utilise their global manufacturing operations to reduce costs. In the case of TV manufacturing production has fallen from a peak of 41.0 million in 2010 to a forecasted 32.1 million in 2015.

The production of computer related equipment peaked in 2010 and although output edged up in 2014 on the back of stronger demand output is expected to have declined by 7.6% between 2010 and 2015. The decline in the communications segment has been more pronounced primarily due to the sharp decline in the production of mobile phones. Between 2010 and 2015, output has declined by 32.2%. The decline in 3C production will be partially offset by an increase in output of industrial and high-end communications equipment. This will be led by foreign investment as companies look to move production from higher cost West European locations or in the case of non-European companies look to establish a low-cost manufacturing base to serve the European market.

The Yearbook of World Electronics Data – tracking developments in the global electronics industry
With a history spanning over 40 years Reed Electronics Research (RER) has provided an invaluable insight into the global trends, regional variations and the underlying state of the global electronics market for all stages of the supply chain - OEM, contract manufacturing and design, components and materials suppliers to financial/industry analysts and government and academia. Although encompassing a range of published and bespoke products the core of RER’s research programme is one of the most comprehensive statistical databases covering the global electronics industry, with the resulting analysis being published through four concise and clear demographic volumes, as a series of individual country reports, through customised solutions to meet specific client requirements and, from 2012, as a series of Excel databases providing the combination of both historical and forecasted data.

Yearbook of World Electronics Data – Volume 4 East Europe & World Summary
Published annually since 1983 the Volume 2 of the Yearbook of World Electronics Data provides:
- A single source solution allowing you to track the electronics industry for 12 countries in East Europe
- 13 major product groups.
- Market and production forecasts.
- Summaries provided in US dollars.
- Unique World Summary for 53 countries
- CD-option allows you to manipulate the data quickly and easily: produce your own subsets or summaries of the data, create your own forecasts or cut and paste the data into your own in-house reports and

Who will benefit
The Yearbook is essential research providing key data for all areas of the electronics industry including:
- Distributors and manufacturers of electronic components and materials.
- Suppliers of electronic production equipment.
- OEMs.
- EMS Providers.
- Government, including investment organizations.
- Financial and industry analysts.
- Academic institutes & universities tracking developments in the electronics industry.

The Yearbook of World Electronics Data
The Yearbook of World Electronics Data series presents market and production statistics for the GLOBAL electronics industry. Available in four published volumes covering 53 countries and 13 major product groups, the yearbook is used in the formulation of business and market planning, in tracking trends based on an clear understanding on how the industry has developed historically and to provide a basis for medium and long-term forecasting.
53 country coverage, 13 major product groups
… comparable country by country and product by product.

Table of contents

2.1 Economic Overview 14
2.3 Summary of World Electronics Production 2012 21
2.4 Summary of World Electronics Production 2013 22
2.5 Summary...


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