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Managed Security Services (MSS) in Africa and Middle East: Telcos’ MSS Portfolio and Market Approach

Managed Security Services (MSS) in Africa and Middle East: Telcos’ MSS Portfolio and Market Approach
  • Publish Date:September 2018

  • Number of Pages:24

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  • Publisher:GlobalData

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Managed Security Services (MSS) in Africa and Middle East: Telcos’ MSS Portfolio and Market Approach

"Managed Security Services (MSS) in Africa and Middle East: Telcos’ MSS Portfolio and Market Approach", a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the MSS in Africa & Middle East (AME). It delivers qualitative insights into the MSS market, analysing key trends and case studies of telco’s MSS portfolios.

The launch of MSS services by AME telcos is a fairly recent trend, with many having launched services over the past few years.It is geographically concentrated in countries that have relatively high fixed broadband coverage, are more affluent, have a greater concentration of large enterprises that are more likely to adopt MSS service and are more technologically advanced.

Telcos are investing in strategic partnerships with security vendors and investing in security operations centers to expand and enhance their MSS service portfolios.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following -
- Section 1: Taxonomy and Market Context: This section provides an framework, definition, and service value of the MSS in the region.
- Section 2: Telcos’ Go-to-Market Approach on Managed Security Services: This section analyzes the market strategies telcos are adopting for their MSS services. It includes analysing telco’s MSS portfolios, strategic partnerships with security vendors, and investments in security operations centers.
- Section 3: Case Studies: Case study on STC, Etisalat, and Vodacom South Africa’s MSS product portfolio and market approaches.
- Section 4: Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations: it consists of a summary of key findings and growth opportunities for the telcos in the MSS market.

- MSS services are relatively a new portfolio launched by telcos in AME, primarily concentrated in more affluent and technological advanced countries in the region.
- The types of services offered are mainly concentrated around more simple services such as managed firewall and anti-spam, though there are a few operators (e.g., STC and Vodafone) that are offering more sophisticated MSS services.
- Increased digitalization of enterprises is boosting data volumes and digital touch points driving the need and importance of securing enterprise IT ecosystems.

Reasons to buy
- This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination through forward-looking analysis of AME’s MSS markets trends in a concise analytical format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.
- The report examines the key telcos go-to-market approach on MSS services in AME.
- The report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.
- The broad perspective of the report coupled with comprehensive actionable insights will help operators, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players better position to seize the growth opportunities in AME’s evolving MSS market.

Table of contents

Table of contents 3
List of exhibits 4
Key takeaways 5
Section 1: Taxonomy and Market Context 6
Managed security services definition 7
Managed security services value chain 8
Section 2: Telcos' Go-To-Market Approach on Managed Security Services 9
Managed security market trends and portfolio 10
Factors driving adoption of managed security services 11
Strategic partnership with leading security vendors 12
SOCs are key enabler in offering more advanced and sophisticated MSS services 13
Section 3: Case Studies 14
STC 15
Vodacom South Africa 16
Etisalat UAE 17
Section 4: Key Findings and Recommendations 18
Key findings and recommendations 19
Appendix 20
Acronyms and definitions 21
Companies mentioned 22
About the authors 23

List of Figures
Exhibit 1: Managed Security Services Framework 7
Exhibit 2: Telcos Managed Security Services Value Chain, AME 8
Exhibit 3: Telcos' MSS Portfolio, AME 10
Exhibit 4: Telcos' Main MSS Go-To-Market Strategy, AME 11
Exhibit 5: Telco Partnerships with Security Vendors, AME 12
Exhibit 6: Select Telcos' with SOCs in AME 13

Companies Mentioned
- Cisco
- Fortinet
- Checkpoint
- Symantec
- Unisys
- Infosys
- Trustwave
- Umniah Jordan
- Telecom Egypt
- MainOne
- Orange
- Ooredoo
- Du
- Etisalat
- Mobily
- Vodacom


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