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Frost Radar™: Breach and Attack Simulation, 2022

Frost Radar™: Breach and Attack Simulation, 2022
  • Publish Date:November 2022

  • Number of Pages:30

  • Report ID:6021718

  • Format:PDF

  • Publisher:Frost & Sullivan

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Enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives result in more dynamic network environments, making it crucial for businesses to identify security vulnerabilities in real time.

However, existing security technologies provide only a snapshot of security risks in the network and are not effective in mitigating fast-evolving threats.

Manual security testing approaches are no longer scalable or sustainable because of the shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals.

These manual approaches often disrupt the production environment, causing unforeseen consequences to enterprises.

Businesses desire automated and continuous security testing techniques to stay ahead of cyber adversaries and reduce risk.

Breach and attack simulation (BAS) tools automate testing procedures without compromising security or safety.

With shrinking security budgets, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) need to identify high-impact products and prioritize security investments?a critical task that BAS tools can deliver.

The radar™ reveals the market positioning of companies in the global BAS market using their Growth and Innovation scores as highlighted in the radar™ methodology.

The document presents competitive profiles of each company based on their growth, innovation, and a small discussion on their positioning.

The analyst examines hundreds of companies in the industry and benchmarks them across 10 criteria on the radar™, where the leading companies in the industry are then positioned.
Author: Swetha Ramachandran Krishnamoorthi

Table of contents

Strategic Imperative and Growth Environment
Strategic Imperative
Growth Environment
Frost Radar™
Frost Radar™: Global Breach and Attack Simulation Market
Frost Radar™: Competitive Environment
Companies to Action
Picus Security
XM Cyber
Strategic Insights
Strategic Insights
Next Steps: Leveraging the Frost Radar™ to Empower Key Stakeholders
Significance of Being on the Frost Radar™
Frost Radar™ Empowers the CEO's Growth Team
Frost Radar™ Empowers Investors
Frost Radar™ Empowers Customers
Frost Radar™ Empowers the Board of Directors
Frost Radar™ Analytics
Frost Radar™: Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
Frost Radar™: Benchmarking Future Growth Potential
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