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Transformative Mega Trends in the United States through 2030

Transformative Mega Trends in the United States through 2030
  • Publish Date:December 2022

  • Number of Pages:79

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  • Publisher:Frost & Sullivan

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This research service is chapter 2 of a 3-part series that examines the technological advancements and convergences led by major shifts in artificial intelligence, cognitive computing, 5G, blockchain and digital reality across cities, businesses, and consumers.

The high rate of digital adoption, supported by strong indicators, such as over 95% smartphone adoption, shift toward a digital economy, and an increasingly digital ageing population by 2030, shows significant potential for technological advancements in the country.

Further, a strong ecosystem driven by leading global technology market participants places the United States in a leadership position over the next decade.

Challenges will persist, as countries, primarily China, make equally notable advancements in technological innovation during the same period.

As trends collide, businesses must prepare for several strategic imperatives.

Key among these are geopolitical chaos, transformative Mega Trends, and disruptive technologies.

Opportunities lie in digital upskilling and cybersecurity, as governments and businesses seek to scale their digital offerings to bring efficiency into consumers’ lives.
Author: Vinay Venkatesan

Table of contents

Strategic Imperatives
Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on Technology in America
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Growth Environment
Key Findings
Growth Opportunities Vital to Future Success
Growth Drivers for Technology in America
Growth Restraints for Technology in America
Connectivity Trends
Connectivity Trends - Overview and Key Findings
Connectivity Trends - The 5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
Connectivity Trends - Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
Subtrend 1-Roadmap to 5G
Subtrend 2-IoT Proliferation
Subtrend 3-Digital Reality
Subtrend 4-Space Connectivity
Subtrend 5-Virtual Finance Adoption
Subtrend 6-Blockchain Adoption

Subtrend 7-Data Monetization

Subtrend 8-Connected Living
Cognitive Era Trends
Cognitive Trends - Overview and Findings
Cognitive Trends-5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
Cognitive Trends - Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
Subtrend 1-Future of Computing

Subtrend 2-State of AI
Subtrend 3-Data Privacy Regulations

Subtrend 4-Device Distribution
Subtrend 5-Future of Social Media
Subtrend 6-Metaverse Evolution
Security and Defense Trends
Security and Defense - Overview and Findings
Security and Defense-5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
Security and Defense - Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
Subtrend 1-Cyberthreats and Security

Subtrend 2-Crime Rates
Subtrend 3-Natural Disasters
Subtrend 4-Safe Cities
Subtrend 5-Terrorism
Subtrend 6-Nation-to-nation Tensions

Smart is the New Green Trends
Smart is the New Green - Overview and Findings
Smart is the New Green-5 to 10-year Trend Horizon
Smart is the New Green - Taxonomy of Key Subtrends
Subtrend 1-Smart Materials

Subtrend 2-Smart Buildings

Subtrend 3-Smart Cities
Subtrend 3-Smart City Initiatives and Challenges
Subtrend 3-Smart City Targets and Impact
Growth Opportunity Universe
Growth Opportunity 1: Home as an Intelligent Hub
Growth Opportunity 1: Home as an Intelligent Hub (continued)
Growth Opportunity 2: Cybersecurity for Smart Cities

Growth Opportunity 3: New Form Factors Leading to the Metaverse

Next Steps
Identifying Your Company's Growth Zone
Your Next Steps
Why Frost, Why Now?
List of Exhibits

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