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Airport Construction Projects Overview and Analytics by Stage, Key Country and Player (Contractors, Consultants and Project Owners), 2022 Update

Airport Construction Projects Overview and Analytics by Stage, Key Country and Player (Contractors, Consultants and Project Owners), 2022 Update
  • Publish Date:February 2022

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Airport Construction Projects Overview and Analytics by Stage, Key Country and Player (Contractors, Consultants and Project Owners), 2022 Update

With new waves of COVID-19 infections and new variants being detected, the pandemic continues to generate intense stress on airport systems and infrastructure around the world.In addition to direct spending on vaccines and other measures to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, governments have been boosting investments in airport facilities and where possible increase budgetary allocations to try to improve capacity to be better placed to cope with such crises.

Aside from the immediate airport challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for airport services continues to grow with rising economic prosperity in emerging markets and aging populations in many advance economies. Rapid population and economic growth in Asia-Pacific, in particular, is creating the need and financial means to provide an efficient health service for the region.

The analyst is currently tracking global airport construction projects with a total value of US$588.8 billion (including all projects from announced to execution stage). The North America region accounts for the highest share, with a combined project pipeline valued at US$197.2 billion, ahead of Europe with US$161.2 billion. Asia-Pacific’s pipeline is valued at US$143.3 billion, followed by the Middle East and Africa (US$65.2 billion), and Latin America (US$21.9 billion).

This report provides a detailed analysis of airport construction projects globally, based on projects tracked .

- The report provides analysis based on construction projects showing total project values and analysis by stage and funding for all regions. The top 20 projects per region are listed giving country, stage, value of projects. Ranked listings of the key operators for the sector are also provided showing the leading contractors, consulting engineers and project owners.

Reasons to Buy
- Gain insight into the development of the power generation construction sector.
- Assess all major projects by value, start date, scope and stage of development globally, for the regions to support business development activities.
- Plan campaigns by country based on specific project opportunities and align resources to the most attractive markets.

Table of contents

Global Overview
North America
Latin America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Middle East and North Africa
Sub-Saharan Africa
South-East Asia
South Asia
North-East Asia
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