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Commercial Aircraft Supply and Demand Growth Opportunities

Commercial Aircraft Supply and Demand Growth Opportunities
  • Publish Date:September 2022

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  • Publisher:Frost & Sullivan

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This study analyses the global commercial aircraft supply and demand scenario.

Aircraft supply and demand depend on regional factors, just as tourism, aircraft leasing and ownership, and jet fuel prices.

For most regions, new aircraft demand is dictated by the carriers that serve the most passengers.

An exception exists in Asia-Pacific, where low-cost carriers and not full-service carriers dictate demand.

Apart from passenger numbers, other factors that influence aircraft demand include percentage of new aircraft in a fleet, the number of orders an airline places, and the revenue it earns.

However, on a regional level, major variation in performance occurs among the top airlines.

Frost & Sullivan analyzed these factors during two time periods: recovery (from 2021 to 2024) and growth (2025 onward). On the supply side, the top original aircraft manufacturers have large order books.

The COVID-19 pandemic and the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian War, however, have presented various challenges to these manufacturers.

Common challenges that are hampering production include supply chain issues, such as the availability of raw materials and logistical challenges; skilled workforce availability; and regulations.

Aircraft manufacturers must manage delivery timelines efficiently in this challenging environment.

Table of contents

Strategic Imperatives
Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
The Impact of the Top 3 Strategic Imperatives on Aircraft Supply and Demand
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Growth Opportunity Analysis
Growth Drivers
Growth Drivers Analysis
Growth Restraints
Growth Restraints Analysis
Aircraft Demand Review
Aircraft Operator Landscape - North America
APAC's Disruptive Aircraft Demand Landscape
Aircraft Operator Landscape - APAC
Aircraft Operator Landscape - Europe
Aircraft Operator Landscape - Middle East
Aircraft Operator Landscape - Latin America
Aircraft Operator Landscape - Africa
Aircraft Supply Review
Commercial Aircraft Production - OEM Overview
Commercial Aircraft Production - Regional Landscape and Challenges
Supply vs. Demand Analysis
Growth Opportunity Universe
Growth Opportunity 1: Facilitating Partnerships with Lessors Operating in Europe, Latin America, and Africa

Growth Opportunity 2: Increasing Need for Fuel-efficient Aircraft in North America, Latin America, and Europe

Growth Opportunity 3: Regional Jet and Turboprop Aircraft Growth Potential in APAC, The Middle East, and Latin America

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