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IDC's European Government Executive Summit, 2022: Snapshot

IDC's European Government Executive Summit, 2022: Snapshot
  • Publish Date:November 2022

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This IDC Perspective summarizes key highlights from IDC's 2022 European Government Executive Summit. The pandemic has meant that citizen-centric digital transformation went from a direction of travel to a race for survival. We have the perfect storm for change in the public sector: a system shock driven by the pandemic, a burning platform with climate change, and a large injection of investment. The public sector is betting the farm on optimizing its use of data and is in the process of gearing up to turn data into information to enable insights to drive impact."Despite the fact that we were talking about technology, the main focus of the discussion was citizens' expectations and how technology can help us reach out to them," said Joe Dignan, Associate Vice President and Head, IDC Government Insights Europe. "We talked about free movement and dignity, and the changes to come in governments are really exciting. With what we are all currently enduring, it is great to note that we are all on the same path", said Massimiliano Claps, Research Director, IDC Government Insights Europe.

Table of contents

Executive Snapshot

Situation Overview

IDC's European Government Executive Summit, 2022: Highlights

Introducing Quantum Government

People, Place, and Performance in Harmony

Priming the Future of Public Services

Trusted Use of Data and Digital

European Data Protection Supervisor: The Implications of the Proposed EU Data Act

Government of Ireland: The Future of Digital Identity and Trust

Capgemini: Sovereignty From Policy to Reality

Citizen-Centric Digital Services

Government of Kazakhstan: Building Digitalization and Debureaucratization Around Citizens

Belfast City Council: Nudging Behavioral Change

UiPath: Intelligent Automation for Next-Generation Citizen Experience

Sustainable Built Environment

Microsoft: Bringing Digital and Green Together for a Sustainable Built Environment

Center for Digital Built Britain: Rethinking the Built Environment for Sustainability With Digital Twins

IDC: Sustainable Urban Digital Transformation

Driving Social Value

IDC: Aligning Technological Innovation With a Humanitarian Purpose

Advisory Board Panel: Integrating Social Value in Public Sector Procurement

Advice for the Technology Buyer

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