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Commerce Tomorrow - How Embedded Finance is Disrupting the Modern Economy

Commerce Tomorrow - How Embedded Finance is Disrupting the Modern Economy
  • Publish Date:November 2022

  • Number of Pages:29

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  • Format:PDF

  • Publisher:GlobalData

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Commerce Tomorrow - How Embedded Finance is Disrupting the Modern Economy

Embedded finance is a burgeoning trend in the fintech world, accelerated by open banking and encouraged by shifting customer behaviors in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.It simplifies financial processes by combining a non-financial service provider, such as a retailer or a ride-sharing service, and a financial service, such as payment processing, lending, or insurance.

Prior to the development of embedded finance, there was usually a disconnect between the consumer and the company with which they did business.With embedded finance, the need for a third-party bank or lender is eliminated.

The knowledge and observation of emerging trends in embedded finance and Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) can assist banks and non-bank companies in identifying opportunities and making strategic choices regarding product development, partnerships, and go-to-market strategies. The report uses Innovation Explorer database and expert analysis to showcase some noteworthy examples from embedded finance.

Innovations: presents real-world innovation use cases and examples related to the implementation of emerging technologies by companies as well as startups in the mining sector. It casts light on how tech-enabled innovations are transforming every segment of the sector value chain.

- Innovation Insights: innovation examples by each application segment of the semiconductor industry to present key trends.

Reasons to Buy
- No surprise that technology has been a driving force in business transformation for years, but the term ‘emerging technologies’ has all of the sudden become the key catalyst to drive the next wave of innovation across sectors.
- The sense of urgency weighs differently across different sectors, where the direct customer-facing sectors are at the forefront compared to other capital-intensive sectors. Companies in one sector can take cues from successful innovations in other sectors to either draw analogies with existing products, services, and processes or transfer strategic approaches for a revolutionary transformation.
- Against this backdrop, enterprises need to understand which emerging technologies are impacting their sector and how various companies are implementing them to meet various challenges.
- The innovation landscape report in embedded finance, published as part of an ongoing series, covers some real-world examples to advance the development and implementation of embedded finance across some major sectors.

Table of contents

1. Definition and architecture

2. Benefits of embedded finance

3. Key innovations
3.1 Embedded payments
3.2 Embedded insurance
3.3 Embedded card payments
3.4 Embedded lending
3.5 Embedded banking
3.6 Embedded...


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