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Vietnam Sports Broadcasting Media (Television and Telecommunications) Landscape

Vietnam Sports Broadcasting Media (Television and Telecommunications) Landscape
  • Publish Date:November 2022

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Vietnam Sports Broadcasting Media (Television and Telecommunications) Landscape

The Vietnam Media Landscape Report provides an overview of the television and telecommunications market in relation to sports broadcasting in Vietnam the today, with top-level data and detailed forecasts of key indicators up to 2026. The report analyses the television, mobile handset and residential fixed-line broadband sectors, as well as a review of major sports media rights.

Key Highlights
- Cable TV accounted for a 56.3% share of the total pay-TV subscriptions in 2021 and will remain the leading pay-TV service platform during 2021-2026, despite the decline in its subscription from 2023 onwards.
- 4G subscription share will increase from 44.5% in 2021 to 67.0% by 2026, supported by ongoing LTE network expansion by the mobile network operators (MNOs).
- Fiber lines will continue to be the leading residential fixed broadband technology in Vietnam over the forecast period with its share of overall broadband lines increasing from 90.6% in 2021 to 95.9% by 2026.

- Pay-TV operators had 15.2 million subscribers in 2021, a 0.05% increase from 2020.
- Total mobile subscriptions in Vietnam reached 122.7 million in 2021, accounting for a share of 2.5% of total mobile subscriptions in the APAC region.
- 3G was the country’s leading technology with a 45.8% subscription share in 2021. However, 3G subscription share is expected to decline reaching 27.7% by 2026, due to subscribers’ migration to 4G/5G services.
- Total fixed broadband lines in Vietnam will grow from 19.4 million in 2021 to 24.1 million by 2026, driven by growing demand for high-speed fiber broadband services in the country and ongoing efforts from the government in expanding broadband coverage.

Reasons to Buy
- This Sports Broadcasting Media Report offers a thorough, forward-looking analysis of the Vietnam television and telecommunications markets, and service providers in a concise format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.
- Accompanying Forecast products, the report examines the assumptions and drivers behind ongoing and upcoming trends in the Vietnam pay-TV, mobile handset and residential fixed broadband markets, including the evolution of service provider market shares.
- With 19 charts and tables, the report is designed for an executive-level audience, boasting presentation quality.

Table of contents

Country statistics
Population and household context
Television and telecom services market outlook
TV services market
Mobile services market
Fixed broadband services market
Total telecom service revenue
Competitive landscape snapshots
Competitive landscape
Additional resources
Data tables
Research methodology
Country Intelligence Report coverage
About GlobalData

Companies Mentioned
- K+
- MobiFone
- Viettel
- Vinaphone


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