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The Current State of the Internet of Things-Continuity and Change, Commonalities, and Fragmentation

The Current State of the Internet of Things-Continuity and Change, Commonalities, and Fragmentation
  • Publish Date:December 2022

  • Number of Pages:36

  • Report ID:6414115

  • Format:PDF

  • Publisher:Frost & Sullivan

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In this second annual Frost & Sullivan IoT user survey, we begin to gain a longitudinal understanding of continuity and change.

A total of 606 respondents participated in the survey conducted in Q3 2022, with IT and Business Decision makers responsible for Respondents representing a range of industries, organization sizes, and global regions.

The results provide a glimpse of enterprise decision processes, including:
•How they rank challenges and priorities;
•What infrastructure options they are using and planning to add;
•What questions and characteristics they look for in decision-making;
•The approximate ranking of spending on components;
•And growth expectations.By many measurements, the results of the 2022 survey reveal the persistence of common challenges and business objectives across industry verticals and geographies.

Security and data protection remains the top challenge to implementation, while new items emerged, such as environmental, social, and governance (ESG).Some notable changes are observable in the industry outliers and regional groupings in questions regarding the perceived benefits of IoT, wireless connectivity, data volumes, and applications.

Regional differences are stark in predicting a possible recession.

The fears are most pronounced in Europe.

While inflation and supply chain issues may be subsiding, 51% of global respondents expect growth next year.

The unique experiences of 2022 result in rising concerns about long lead times, hiring and retaining talent, and in the importance attached to finding new monetization streams.

Table of contents

Key Findings
Important Findings
Research Objectives and Methodology
Research Objectives and Methodology
Respondent Profile
Decision Makers and Objectives
IT Department Drives Decisions, Some Sectors More Top Down
Slight Changes in Business Priorities and Objectives
IoT Adoption and Challenges
Little Change in IoT Adoption
The Tactical IoT Issues Persist and Are Most Challenging
Varying Benefits
Expanding Universe of Benefits Propel Growth of IoT
Regional Similarities and Differences in Benefits Experienced
Connectivity and Data
Regional Differences in Wireless Connectivity
Dealing with Significant Data Volumes
Regional Similarities and Industry Outliers by Application
Regional Differences in Applications
Heavy Usage Outliers
Financial Services Sector Becoming Power Users
Spending And Recession Fears
Investments Expectations Show Stability
Recession Scenarios Show Disparate Regional Concerns
Last Word
Last Word
Growth Opportunities Fuel the Growth Pipeline Engine™
Why is it Increasingly Difficult to Grow?
The Strategic Imperative 8™
List of Exhibits
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