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France Construction Equipment Rental Market - Strategic Assessment & Forecast 2023-2029

France Construction Equipment Rental Market - Strategic Assessment & Forecast 2023-2029
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The France construction equipment rental market is expected t- grow at a CAGR of 4.55% during 2022-2029


• The Material handling segment of the overall rental construction equipment accounted for the largest France construction equipment rental market share in 2022. In the material handling segment, aerial platforms accounted for the largest share in 2022.
• Various infrastructure projects are under construction in Paris in response t- the upcoming Olympic Games 2024. Approximately 70 Olympic projects, such as Olympic Village and Aquatic Centre, are expected t- be ready by 2024. The Village will have the capacity t- accommodate 14,000 athletes in 2024. Similarly, the Aquatic Centre near the France Stadium will include water polo, diving, and artistic swimming events.
• The planned construction of Metr- Line 16 t- connect the Olympic venues in Seine and Saint-Denis will be completed by 2026. Construction on Metr- Line 17 t- Media Village is als- planned during the forecast period.
• The construction of various infrastructure and residential projects in the country is expected t- drive the demand for renting aerial platforms in the France construction equipment rental market. In 2022, the government introduced the ‘France Renov’ program t- provide financial aid for home renovations nationwide. Under this policy, the government targeted t- repair 800,000 housing units in 2022.


Segmentation by Type

• Earthmoving Equipment:
- Excavator
- Backhoe Loaders
- Wheeled Loaders
- Other Earthmoving Equipment (Other loaders, Bulldozers, Trenchers)
• Road Construction Equipment
- Road Rollers
- Asphalt Pavers
• Material Handling Equipment
- Crane
- Forklift & Telescopic Handlers
- Aerial Platforms (Articulated Boom Lifts, Telescopic Boom lifts, Scissor lifts)
• End Users
- Construction
- Mining
- Logistics & Warehouse
- Others


• Construction on the Nantes New CHU Hospital Development commenced in Q1 2022 and is expected t- be completed in Q4 2027. The project includes the construction of a new 2,25,000m2area hospital complex with medical facilities on 10.1ha of land in Nantes, Pays de la Loire region. The estimated value of the project is USD 1.4 billion.
• Approximately USD 60 billion would be invested by the government t- repair surface transportation nationwide. The Glassboro-Camden rail line development would cost approximately USD 1.6 t- USD 1.8 billion and is expected t- be completed in 2028. The train would stop at Glassboro, Pitman, Sewell, Mantua, Woodbury Heights, and Camden stations.
• In 2022, the French government announced its objective of developing 50 territorial water management projects by 2022 and around 100 projects by 2027. A surge in water management projects is expected t- drive the demand for rental backhoe loaders in the France construction equipment rental market.
• The development of the Paris Tour Triangle High-Rise Building includes constructing a 42-story triangular office building on an 80,000m2area at Porte de Versailles in the 15th arrondissement of Paris. Work on this project commenced in Q1 2022 and is estimated t- be completed by Q1 2026. The cost of the construction is estimated t- be USD 755 million. The project intends t- provide for the city’s growing hotel and office amenities demand.


Government Investment in Public Infrastructure is Expected t- Support the

Demand for Rental Construction Equipment

In 2021, the French government rolled out the ‘France 2030’ investment plan with a total investment of USD 57.9 billion. This plan focused on transforming major sectors of the economy, for instance, energy, automotive, and aeronautics. The investment plan announced the development small nuclear reactor (USD 1 billion), carbon-free hydrogen, zero-emission vehicles, and biomedicines. The plan als- announced investments in the transport sector; for instance, USD 1.2 billion worth of expenditure was granted t- develop the use of bicycles and public transport by improving existing services. It als- involved improving the rail network across the country t- link the densely populated areas t- the urban areas.

Growth in Housing Renovation Projects Across the Country t- Benefit the France Construction Equipment Rental Market

In 2021, European Investment Bank (EIB) granted a loan t- BATIGERE Network (the company that builds social housing) of USD 134.2 billion t- build 1,500 homes over five years for 3,500 residents. Moreover, there was a surge in housing renovation projects nationwide in 2021. According t- France Housing data, more than 750,000 housing units were renovated in 2021, and the government disbursed USD 3.1 billion for the renovation of additional 751,646 housing units in 2021.

In 2022, the French government introduced the ‘France Renov’ program t- provide financial aid for home renovations nationwide. Under this policy, the government targeted t- repair 800,000 housing units in 2022. The government als- focused on public building repair projects in 2022. The government allocated USD 4 billion in funds for school & public administration buildings, followed by USD 2 billion, liquidated for private houses, & social housing (USD 0.5 billion).

Rising Inflation & Supply Restraints in the Country are Likely t- Propel the Demand for Rental Machinery

According t- the IMF projections for 2023, the inflationary effects will shrink household real incomes and consumption. The year will witness a decline in investments due t- growing interest rates. In October 2022, the inflation rate reached 7.1% and was expected t- remain high in the coming months. Therefore, IMF anticipated that inflation would peak in the coming months but remain near 5% in 2023 on average as price controls ease. It will remain persistent in 2024 and will only gradually decline t- around 2% in 2025. Further, the supply disruptions have als- hampered the manufacturing of new equipment leading t- a surge in the prices of the new equipment. Such factors have propelled the growth of the France construction equipment rental market.


Skilled Labour Shortage t- Hamper the Pace of Construction Projects

Various sectors, such as construction, transportation, healthcare, and agriculture, are witnessing a significant shortage of skilled labor, accounting for approximately 400,000 vacant jobs. Surprisingly, Ile-de-France, the most populated region, has the most vacancies (160,000). In line, Auvergne Rhône-Alpes is the 2nd largest region with vacant jobs (145,000). Additionally, the unemployment rate in Hauts-de-France during Q1 2022 was 8.7%, the highest in France.
• The Pandemic added further pressure t- this situation in 2020. France’s unemployment rate rose t- its highest level in Q2 2020. The unemployment rate in the country was significantly affected by the ‘Great Resignation.’

Strict Environmental Regulations Can Hamper the Demand for Large Rental Construction Equipment

France aims t- achieve its national goal of cutting carbon emissions by 40% by 2030 and eliminating greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. In France, the decarbonization of construction sites and buildings is one of the major challenges. As per the data published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the construction industry in France accounts for approximately 43% of yearly energy consumption and 23% of GSG emissions. Policies like Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) which mandates the producer (manufacturer, importers, and distributors) t- consider all the environmental costs of the product, have disrupted the construction activities and hampered the France construction equipment rental market growth.

Increasing Housing Prices Due t- the Energy Crises May Restrict the Demand for Residential Units in the Country

In 2022 the government introduced a new policy that restricted the new mortgage loan limit t- a maximum of 25 years, which is less than 2021, and the total amount borrowed would be covered at 35% of the borrower’s income. Housing prices over the last five years have increased significantly by 27.8%. During Q3 2022, the prices increased by 6.4% over 12 months. Consequently, housing sales als- witnessed a continuous decline.


• Prominent vendors in the France construction equipment rental market include Caterpillar, Volv- Construction Equipment, Liebherr, Hitachi Construction Machinery, Komatsu, SANY, Hyundai Construction Equipment, and JCB & Kobelco. Other prominent vendors are Yanmar, Kubota, JLG & Terex.

Prominent Vendors

• Caterpillar
• Komatsu
• Hitachi Construction Machinery
• Volv- Construction Equipment
• Liebherr
• Hyundai Construction Machinery
• Kobelco

Other Prominent Vendors

• Yanmar
• Terex Corporation
• Kubota

Rental Companies Profile

• Loxam
• Kiloutou
• Sarens
• Bergerat Rentz
• Mediaco
• Uperi- Group
• Duma Rent


1. How big is the France construction equipment rental market?
2. What is the growth rate of the France construction equipment rental market?
3. Which are the prominent rental companies in the France construction equipment rental market?
4. What are the key trends in the France construction equipment rental market?
5. Wh- are the key players in the France construction equipment rental market?

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1. Introduction
1.1. Market Snapshot
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2. The Market Overview
2.1. Economic Scenario, Foreign Direct Investment, Major Infrastructure Projects

3. Market Landscape
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