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Professional Hygiene Market - Global Outlook & Forecast 2023-2028

Professional Hygiene Market - Global Outlook & Forecast 2023-2028
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The global professional hygiene market is expected t- grow at a CAGR of 5.29% during 2022 t- 2028


Growing Popularity of Eco-friendly Products

Liquid hand washes have become increasingly popular in the past 15 years, both in the home and public places such as hospitals and toilets. Some people find them drying on the skin and experience skin irritation after using them. This is known as contact dermatitis and is particularly common in those wh- regularly use liquid hand washes as part of their job, perhaps in a hospital or kitchen, where cleanliness is vital. Many companies are now creating cleaning products that use more natural ingredients, avoiding harmful chemicals. Sustainable toiletries formulated with organic and natural ingredients that are kinder t- the skin are in high demand. The increasing popularity of organic sanitizers, which are eco-friendly, skin-safe, and sustainable, is als- likely t- influence professional hygiene market growth due t- safety concerns associated with the use of soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers.

IoT Revolutionizing Automatic Soap Dispensers

Vendors in the automatic soap dispenser segment connect IoT (Internet of Things) devices t- their products, providing a sanitary no-touch experience without water and soap solution spillage. This has enabled more benefits t- users, such as ensuring that people wash their hands properly for 20 seconds as per WH- recommendations. Automation in soap dispensers due t- IoT gives a premium feel and helps maintain top-notch hygiene. The latest IoT-automatic soap dispensers are designed with sensors that will dispense the hand wash liquid in the precise quantity as programmed in the device. This is considered a 100% safe method t- handle the device, and very minimal wastage of resources occurs.

Infectious Disease Outbreaks Across the World

Several infectious diseases are contagious and transmissible. The world of infectious diseases is constantly evolving, including infections at the global and national levels. The possibility of an unknown pathogen emerging and causing havoc is increasing. Disease outbreaks are mainly due t- an infection or transmitted via animal-to-person contact, from the environment, or person-to-person contact. The majority of these diseases can be prevented by maintaining hand hygiene. A growing number of outbreaks has made people aware of hygiene, thereby supporting the growth of the professional hygiene market. Since December 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic has spread t- several countries, leading t- millions of cases. COVID-19 has spread t- several regions worldwide, impacting the demand for sensor-based professional hygiene products at an exponential rate.



The global professional hygiene market by product is segmented int- tissues & napkins, soaps & sanitizers, and wiping & cleaning. Tissues and napkins are leading the product segment, which can be attributable t- their increasing use in the hospitality sector and tourism industries. Rising hygiene concerns in public places are driving the tissue paper demand at a faster rate. Over the past three decades, the global tissue sector has undergone strong growth, capacity building, and consolidation.

Segmentation by Product

• Tissues and Napkins
• Wiping and Cleaning
• Soaps and Sanitizers


The hospitality segment accounted for the highest revenue share of over 38% global professional hygiene market in 2022 due t- the population shift from rural t- urban areas. The hospitality sector includes sub-segments such as spas, hotels, restaurants, food chains, and other areas where guests can interact with the employees. Cleaning and sanitizing are basic steps in these sectors. The growing hospitality sector, such as resorts and luxurious hotels, and tourism, is driving the growth of the professional hygiene industry. The hotel industry is growing consistently, contributing over USD 3.41 trillion t- the global economy in 2019. The professional hygiene products demand in the hospitality segment in the APAC region is expected t- grow the fastest during the forecast period.

Segmentation By Application

• Hospitality
• Commercial
• Public Interest
• Healthcare
• Industrial


Offline segment accounts for the highest revenue share of the global professional hygiene market, as it is easy t- buy in bulk for professional use and at discounted prices. Supermarkets and hypermarkets are some retailers where vendors sell their products by acquiring a larger shelf space. In contrast, one can boost sales in small retail shops or departmental stores through better relations (offers and product promotions) with such retailers. Online retailers such as Amazon, BigBasket, Flipkart, Argos, eBay,, and other online portals of vendors offer such products directly through their online stores/websites. During the forecast period, the online sale segment is growing considerably in the global professional hygiene market.

Segmentation By Distribution Channel

• Offline
• Online

• North America accounted for the largest revenue share of the global professional hygiene market in 2022, owing t- the increasing luxurious hotel industry, international tourism arrivals, and health hygiene awareness. The US and Canada lead in the highest international sports events, trade fairs, and exhibitions, contributing t- the region’s growing international tourism arrivals. In addition, the increasing prevalence of HAIs in the healthcare segment is one of the major reasons demanding the usage of soaps & sanitizers, wiping, and cleaning products.
• The US was the highest hit country with COVID-19, which fueled the overall professional hygiene industry growth. Also, the growing hand hygiene awareness by the government contributed t- the growth of the sanitizer segment in the United States. For instance, the U.S. CDC campaign ’Clean Hands Count’ encourages and empowers patients t- ask healthcare providers whether they washed their hands. With support from GOJ- Industries, the CDC Foundation and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion announced a hand hygiene campaign in 2016 called Clean Hands Count. This campaign aimed t- improve hand hygiene outreach in U.S. healthcare facilities by creating a comprehensive initiative that reaches a broad group of healthcare providers, physicians, and patients.

Segmentation by Geography

• North America
- US
- Canada
• Europe
- Germany
- France
- Spain
- Italy
- UK
- China
- Japan
- India
- South Korea
- Australia
• Latin America
- Brazil
- Mexico
- Argentina
• Middle East & Africa
- Turkey
- South Africa
- Saudi Arabia


The global professional hygiene market is highly fragmented and highly competitive and concentrated due t- the presence of many regional, local, and international market players. The leading global professional hygiene market vendors are Essity Aktiebolag, KIMBERLEY CLARK, Koch Industries, Reckitt Benckiser Group, and Cascades. Further, vendors offer a diverse range of professional hygiene products at competitive prices. Moreover, there is very little space for new entrants, as the industry is flooded with top, highly competitive companies continuously active and investing in product innovations and business expansions.

Key Company Profiles

• Essity Aktiebolag
• Reckitt Benckiser Group
• Koch Industries
• Cascades

Other Prominent Vendors

• Ableman International
• Accent Controls
• American Specialties
• Askon Hygiene Products
• Becto
• Best Sanitizers
• Bobrick
• Bradley
• Brightwell Dispensers
• Bright Pancar
• Christeyns
• Cipla
• Cleenol Group
• Contec
• Dihour
• Dreumex
• Ecolab
• Euronics
• EcoHydra Technologies
• Fluid Energy Group
• GOJ- Industries
• G9 Chemicals
• Hokwang Industries
• Himalaya Global Holdings
• Hi-Genie
• Kutol
• Kiilto
• LinkWell
• Lion
• Nice-Pak Products
• Pal International
• SC Johnson
• Stryker
• Sklar Surgical Instruments
• Safetec of America
• Vi-Jon
• Vectair Systems
• Whiteley
• Zep
• Zoon- Group


1. How big is the professional hygiene market?
2. What is the growth rate of the professional hygiene market?
3. What are the growing trends in the professional hygiene market?
4. Which region holds the most significant global professional hygiene market share?
5. Wh- are the key players in the global professional hygiene market?

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