Ireland. Market at a glance
Furniture market outline
Ireland. Macro Data
Socio-demographic variables, macroeconomic trends, historical data and forecasts
Ireland. Furniture Consumption
Total value 2010-2015
Furniture consumption by segment, by region, by product origin
Ireland. Furniture Imports
Total value 2010-2015
Imports/consumption ratio by segment
Origin of furniture imports
Detailed tables for imports by product, by country and geographical area of origin
Ireland. Furniture Production
Total value 2010-2015
Furniture production by segment
The furniture manufacturing productive system
Ireland. Furniture Exports
Total value 2010-2015
Exports/production ratio, exports by destination, by product and by geographical area
Ireland. Methodological Notes
Ireland. Short profile for major furniture companies

Companies Mentioned
Farrell, Ikea Ireland, ORM, Wogans Furniture