IDC Market Forecast Figure

Executive Summary

Advice for Technology Suppliers

Market Forecast

Market Context

Drivers and Inhibitors


Adoption of SaaS-Based CRM Software Becomes the Norm

Integrated CX Product Platforms That Include CRM Components are Preferred to Standalone CRM Products

CRM Becomes Increasingly Usable and Affordable for Small and Mid-Market Companies

AI Integrated into CRM Significantly Enhances CRM Functionality


Data Privacy, Compliance, and Security

Significant Market Developments

Persuasive Content Management Becomes an Integral Component Across CRM Applications

Secure, External-Facing Open APIs are Required

Opti-Channel Systems Emerge

AI and Machine Learning Will Become Ubiquitous

Changes from Prior Forecast

Market Definition


Forecast Information Sources

Forecasting Process

Company-Level Data Collection

Exchange Rates

Related Research