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Situation Overview

Future Outlook

Prediction #1: Privacy and Data Custodianship Will Become Boardroom Discussion

Prediction #2: 2015 Will Be the Advent of the Contextualised Customer

Prediction #3: Telcos Will Join the Big Data Battle in 2015

Prediction #4: Mobile Payments Will Reach a Tipping Point in 2015, Ushering in a Cashless Era

Prediction #5: Wearables Will Drive Growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) Ecosystem

Prediction #6: Content Availability Will Drive Ultrahigh Definition (4K) Displays Market

Prediction #7: Hybrid Environment Will Redefine Service Quality Expectations of the Business

Prediction #8: OpenStack Will Emerge as a Viable Cloud Platform in the Region

Prediction #9: The Software-Defined Datacentre Will Rise as a Viable Alternative for the Enterprise

Prediction #10: New Datacentre Workloads Will Emerge as Hybrid Cloud Matures

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Figure: The 3rd Platform for IT and Business Innovation and Growth

Figure: Service Management Maturity

Figure: Australia's Enterprises and SMBs Planned Changes/New Deployment Plans for Software Applications, 2015