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IDC Financial Insights Opinion

In This Study

About Westpac

About Know Me

Situation Overview

Business Needs

Management Challenges

Westpac's Approach

1. Data Management First

2. What's Best for the Customer Is Best for the Bank

3. Finding the Sweet Spot

4. Learn to Grow Comfortable Managing More Data

5. Focus on the Entire Customer Base, Be Prepared for More Leads

6. Ramp Up All Channels

7. Vendor Partnerships Go Beyond Technical Capability

Westpac's Results

The Best Practices

Define Internal Goals of Analytics and How They Will Be Achieved

Identify What Is Capable with Current and Future Human Resources

Future outlook

Essential Guidance

Actions to Consider

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Table: Westpac's Approach in Summary

Figure: The Know Me Ecosystem Integrates Both Online and Offline Interactions

Figure: Westpac's Approach in Summary