PPG: Global Challenges, Technological Capabilities, Marketing Tactics,
And Strategic Direction in the Paint and Coatings Industry
Table of Contents
Global Paints and Coatings Market Dynamics and Trends
Worldwide strategic overview of the paints and coatings market
Sales forecasts for major market segments
Sales forecasts for key geographic regions: North America, Europe, Asia
Pacific, Latin America, Africa, Mideast
Major U.S. and international regulatory, technological, economic,
demographic, and social trends with potentially significant impact on the
paints and coatings industry during the next five years
Industry consolidation
Market globalization
Environmental regulations
Strategic Directions
Specific business, new product development and marketing strategies
Major strengths and weaknesses, e.g., managerial, organizational,
marketing and product development
Anticipated acquisitions, joint ventures and divestitures
Marketing Tactics
Promotional tactics
Distribution approaches
Product service and support
Customer relations
Technological Know-How
Internally developed and acquired technologies, processes, and related
Proprietary technologies and patent litigations

List of Tables
Table -1 Worldwide Paints and Coatings Market
by Geographic Region
Table -2 Worldwide Paints and Coatings Market Growth
by Geographic Region
Table -3 Worldwide Paints and Coatings Sales by Market Segment