IDC's Worldwide Converged Systems Taxonomy

Converged Systems Taxonomy Changes for 2021

Taxonomy Overview


Converged Systems

Converged Systems Packaging Segments

Converged Systems Hardware and Software Segments

Integrated Infrastructure (Systems and Platforms)

Integrated Infrastructure Systems

Certified Reference Systems

Criteria to Meet to Be Considered Integrated Systems or Certified Reference Systems

Integrated Infrastructure Platforms

Hyperconverged Infrastructure (Systems and Platforms)

Hyperconverged Infrastructure Systems

Hyperconverged Software and COTS Platforms

Composable Infrastructure (Systems and Platforms)

Composable/Disaggregated Infrastructure Systems

Composable Software and COTS Platforms

Converged Systems Additional Attributes

Deployment Location

Self-Owned and/or Operated Facilities (Local)

Service Provider Facilities

Consumption Model (for Infrastructure)

Capital Expenses

Operational Expenses

Deployment Model

Traditional IT

Dedicated Cloud Infrastructure

Public Cloud Infrastructure

Deployment Type

Turnkey (Off the Shelf)

Management Control Planes

Premises Based (Installed or as a Service)

Cloud Based (as a Service)

Hybrid Cloud and Multicloud Control Planes

Stack Provider (Infrastructure Software Stack)

OEM Vendor (Self or Branded)

Independent Software Vendor

Public Cloud Service Provider

Managed Service Provider (Self or Branded)

Workload Support (and Optimization)

General Purpose (Mixed)

General Purpose (Current Generation)

General Purpose (Cloud Native)

Special Purpose (Fixed)

Special Purpose (Extensible)

Management Type

Self-Managed (Operated)

OEM Vendor

Independent Software Vendor

Cloud Service Provider

Managed Service Provider

IDC Market Sizing Criteria

Branded Market View

System Vendor and Hyperconverged Software Vendor Revenue Attribution Differences

Metrics Used to Measure the Integrated Infrastructure and Platform Market

Exchange Rates

Vendor Recognition

Route to Market: Single Vendor Versus Partnerships

Related Markets

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