PART 01: Executive summary
PART 02: Scope of the report
Market overview
Top-vendor offerings
PART 03: Market research methodology
Research methodology
Economic indicators
PART 04: Introduction
Key market highlights
PART 05: Stents: An overview
PART 06: Market landscape
Market overview
Five force analysis
PART 07: Healthcare reform in China
PART 08: Opportunities for global and local vendors
Local vendors
Global vendors
PART 09: Market drivers
High prevalence of CVDs
Advances in technology
Favorable reimbursement policies
Low risk of contracting restenosis
PART 10: Impact of drivers
PART 11: Market challenges
Availability of alternative coronary stents
Limitations of drug-eluting stents
Stringent regulations for device approval
Preference for drugs over stents
PART 12: Impact of drivers and challenges
PART 13: Market trends
Increased demand for minimally invasive procedures
Government support for local manufacturers
Growing popularity of hybrid procedures
Popularity of medical tourism
PART 14: Vendor landscape
Competitive scenario
Major vendor analysis 2014
Other prominent vendors
PART 15: Key vendor analysis
Lepu Medical Technology
JW Medical Systems
Abbott Vascular
Business overview
PART 16: Appendix
List of abbreviations
PART 17: Explore Technavio

List of Exhibits
Exhibit 01: Product offerings
Exhibit 02: Cross-sectional view of a stent with drug-loaded polymeric coating
Exhibit 03: Some agents used in drug eluting stents
Exhibit 04: Brief history of stents
Exhibit 05: Drug eluting stent market in China 2014-2019 ($ millions)
Exhibit 06: Five forces analysis
Exhibit 07: Disease mortality in China 2014
Exhibit 08: Healthcare reforms in China
Exhibit 09: Number of medical institutes in China until 2012
Exhibit 10: Impact of drivers
Exhibit 11: Impact of drivers and challenges
Exhibit 12: Market share analysis of vendors
Exhibit 13: Microport Medical: Key takeaways
Exhibit 14: Lepu Medical: Key takeaways
Exhibit 15: Shandong JW Medical System: Key takeaways
Exhibit 16: Abbott Vascular: Key takeaways
Exhibit 17: Medtronic: Key takeaways
Exhibit 18: Microport: Business segmentation 2014 by revenue
Exhibit 19: MicroPort: Business segmentation by revenue 2013 and 2014 ($ millions)
Exhibit 20: Lepu Medical Technology: Product segmentation
Exhibit 21: Lepu Medical Technology: Revenue breakup 2014
Exhibit 22: JW Medical Systems: Product portfolio
Exhibit 23: Abbott Vascular: Product categories