Executive summary
Market context
Tobacco products market (%), 2008 & 2018
Tobacco products market (tons), 2008-2018
Market size and structure
Consumption of smoking tobacco (tons), 2008-2018
Per capita consumption of smoking tobacco, (grams per year), 2008-2018
Market segmentation by FCT and pipe tobacco, 2008-2018
Cigarette consumption, manufactured vs. FCT, 2008-2018
Production and trade
Imports (tons), 2008-2017
Imports by country of origin (%), 2017
Imports in packs ?500g, (volume), 2007-2017
Imports in packs ?500g, (value), 2007-2017
Exports (tons), 2008-2017
Taxation and retail prices
Taxation rates, smoking tobacco, July 2018
EU: fine cut tobacco, tax incidence comparison, 2018
Retail price list, € per pack, 2010-2017
Manufacturers and brands
Manufacturer shares (%), 2011-2017
Brand family shares (%), 2009-2017
Company profiles
The smoking population
Adult smoking prevalence, total and by gender, 2007-2017
Smoking prevalence among males, by age, 2011, 2013, 2015
Smoking prevalence among females, by age, 2011, 2013, 2015
Operating constraints
Advertising restrictions
Labeling requirements
Other restrictions
Retail structure
Retail prices
Prospects and forecasts
Fine cut tobacco consumption (tons), 2018-2028
Per capita consumption (grams per year), 2018-2028

Companies Mentioned
- Imperial Tobacco
- BAT Nordic