Executive Summary

Chapter 1 - Introduction
1.1. What are royalties?
1.2. History of royalty rates
1.3. Royalties in pharma and biotech
1.4. Royalties versus revenue share
1.5. Overview of the report

Chapter 2 - An overview of pharma and biotech royalty rates
2.1. Trends in royalty rates 2010-2021
2.2. Royalty rate disclosure in pharma and biotech
2.3. How do revenue shares figure?
2.4. A review of recent literature
2.5. Royalty rates in the future

Chapter 3 - Average royalty rates for pharma and biotech partnering
3.1. Royalty rates in early stage deals
3.2. Royalty rates by stage of development
3.3. Royalty rates by therapy area

Chapter 4 - The royalty clause in pharma and biotech deals
4.1. Partnering agreement structure
4.2. Structure of a typical royalty clause
4.3. Example royalty clauses
4.3.1. Case study 1: Merck Serono-Opexa Therapeutics
4.3.2. Case study 2: Aradigm - Grifols
4.3.3. Case study 3: Forect Laboratories - Trevena
4.3.4. Case study 4: Sage Therapeutics - University of California

Chapter 5 - Companies actively disclosing royalty rates
5.1. 25 most active companies in disclosing royalty rates
5.2. Top partnering deals by royalty rate
5.3. Top partnering deals by royalty rate

Chapter 6 - Royalty rate contract directory
Explore royalty rates within the deal contract document to gain greater insight

Appendix 1 - Royalty rates in deals - by company A-Z
Appendix 2 - Royalty rates in deals - by therapy area
Appendix 3 - Royalty rates in deals - by stage of development at signing
Appendix 4 - Royalty rates in deals - by technology type
Appendix 5 - Royalty rate references
Appendix 6 - Resources
Appendix 7 - Deal type definitions
Appendix 8 - Example royalty rate deal contract document
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Figure 1: Trends in pharma and biotech royalty rates, 2010-2021
Figure 2: Royalty rates in early stage at deal signing - 2010-2021
Figure 3: Royalty rates by phase of development at deal signing - 2010-2021
Figure 4: Royalty rates by therapy area - 2010-2021
Figure 5: Components of the partnering deal structure
Figure 6: Components of the partnering royalty clause
Figure 7: Most active companies disclosing royalty rate 2010-2021
Figure 8: Top deals by royalty rate 2010-2021
Figure 9: Deals disclosing revenue share 2010-2021
Figure 10: Online partnering resources
Figure 11: Deal type definitions
Figure 12: Licensing agreement for rhAAT - rEVO Biologics, LFB Biotechnologies

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