• List of Figures
• List of Tables
• Glossary of Terms
• Japan Market Summary
• Introduction to PET
o What is PET Imaging?
o How are PET radiopharmaceuticals manufactured?
o How is PET Imaging Used?
o Introduction
Health Care System in Japan
o Development of PET
History of PET
PET Activity in Japan
o Reimbursement
o Current provision
PET Market
Static PET Scanners
o Utilization of PET
o Market Evolution
Cyclotrons & PET Scanners
Japan Research & PET Scanning
o PET Demand and Provision Forecast
• Future Developments in the PET Market
o Cyclotrons & Manufacturing
o PET Scanning Technology
o Development of New Tracers
• Methodology
• Potential Sources of Error
• References
o Japan
Cyclotron locations
PET Scanners

List of Figures
• Cyclotrons by ownership type, Japan
• Cyclotrons in Japan by manufacturer type
• Geographical distribution of PET/CT scanners and cyclotrons, Japan
• PET facilities by ownership type, Japan
• Number of PET scanners by type, Japan
• Number of PET Scanners by Manufacturer, Japan
• PET machines by manufacturer and type, Japan
• Geographical distribution of PET devices and cyclotrons in Japan
• Utilisation of PET imaging by therapeutic area, Japan
• Estimated historical capacity for the provision of PET scans, Japan
• Potential market capacity and the expected head room in the market, Japan
• Estimated future provision of PET scanners and cyclotrons, Japan
• Composition of the PET scanning market 2015 & 2020, Japan
• Estimated future capacity for the provision of PET scans, Japan

List of Tables
• Glossary of Terms
• Half-life of commonly used positron emitters
• Key Facts Japan
• Malignant diseases covered by public medical insurance for screening
• PET scanner installation by manufacturer type, Japan
• Japan PET scans 2007 & 2012
• Annual scanning capacity of different PET machines and PET hybrids
• Assumptions on the estimated number of doses produced by cyclotrons per annum
• Details and Customer Locations of Cyclotrons in Japan
• Locations and Models of Scanners in Japan