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Situation Overview

FY15 Worldwide View

2016-2020 Forecast

Regional Analysis

Top 10 Carrier Groups by Spending

United States

AT&T: Completion of Project VIP in 2015

Verizon: Continuing Wireless Investments and Preparing for Pilot 5G in 2016


Europe (Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe)

Telefonica: Increased Capital Programs in Latin America

Orange: Capital Spending Driven by Fiber Network Investments

Deutsche Telekom: Increased Spending in the United States and Germany

Vodafone: Project Spring Investment Program on Path to Completion

Japan: Continued Decline in Capex

NTT: Continued Reduction in Spending

KDDI: Focus on Maximizing Efficiency and Minimizing Capex

Asia/Pacific Excluding Japan: Telcos Striving to Accommodate Growing Data Traffic and Enhance Voice Quality

China Mobile: In Transition to a Full Service Operator

China Unicom: Accelerated Investment in 4G Networks Expansion, All-Fiber Network and Central Office Innovation

China Telecom: Creating the "New China Telecom" with Enhanced Vitality and Return

Latin America: Steady Investments in Telco Infrastructure Continued in Spite of Overall Economic Slowdown

America Movil: Overall Capex Declines in Spite of Growth in LTE and FTTH Deployment

Middle East and Africa: High-Growth Potential Market But Uncertain Economic and Political Unrest Jeopardizing Operator Investments

Future Outlook

Forecast and Assumptions

Market Context

Essential Guidance

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