Global Food Services Market Revenue (2013-2017F)
Global Takeaway Food Delivery Market Revenue (2011-2015E)
Global Food Delivery Market by Platform (2015)
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Global Ecommerce Revenue by Category (2015)
The US Fast Food Industry Revenue (2011-2015)
The US Food Delivery Market Revenue (2011-2015)
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The US Ecommerce Food and Beverage Sales Revenue (2014-2018F)
UK Takeaway Food Delivery Market Revenue (2011-2015)
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UK Ecommerce Food and Beverages Revenue (2014-2019F)
Global Urban Population (2011-2015)
Global Individuals Using Internet (2011-2015E)
Global Household Final Consumption Expenditure (2011-2015E)
Asia-Pacific Active Mobile-Broadband Subscriptions (2010-2015E)
Number of Smartphone Users Worldwide (2014-2019F)
Worldwide Online Population Distribution by Age (2015)
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Market Cap Comparison of Key Players (2015)
Key Business Metrics, Grubhub Inc. (2011-2015)
Revenue and Net Income, Grubhub Inc. (2011-2015)
Revenue Share by Business Segments, Rocket Internet (2015)
Revenue and Net Income, Rocket Internet (2014-2015)
Revenue Share by Segments, Just Eat Plc (2015)
Revenue and Net Income, Just Eat Plc (2014-2015)
Revenue Share by Products, Yelp Inc (2015)
Revenue and Net Income, Yelp Inc (2013-2015)
Global Takeaway Food Delivery Market (2015-2020F)
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