1.0 Report Summary
1.1 Purpose of Report
1.2 Scope of Report
1.3 Research Approach/Sources
2.0 State of the Market
2.1 IT Profiles of U.S. Small Businesses
2.2 Device Adoption
2.3 Service Adoption and Interest
3.0 IT Support Services
3.1 Adoption
3.2 Providing IT Support
3.3 Market Opportunity
3.4 Service Offerings
3.5 Service Evolution
4.0 Managed Security Services
4.1 Competitive Environment for Small Business Security
4.1.1 Managed Security Offerings
4.2 Adoption
4.3 Business Model Evolution
5.0 Forecast
5.1 Computer and Network Setup/Installation
5.2 One-time Support Services
5.3 Subscription Support Services
5.4 Managed Security Services
6.0 Implications and Recommendations
7.0 Appendix
7.1 Glossary
7.2 Index

Size of U.S. Small Businesses
Small Business Industry Classification
IT Profiles of U.S. Small Businesses Q2/2016
Devices Used for Business Purposes by Company Size (Q2/16)
Adoption of IT Software and Services (Q2/16)
IT Services: Interest and Use among U.S. Small Businesses (Q2/16)
Payment Method Used for IT Support (Q2/16)
Provider of Small Business Technical Support Services (Q2/16)
Small Business IT Support Services
Industries with Strong Market Opportunity for IT Support
Small Business IT Support Services Offered by AT&T
Small Business IT Support Services Offered by Staples
Small Business IT Support Services Offered by HP
Small Business IT Support Services Offered by Verizon
Cloud Enablement Services
Competitive Environment - Small Business Security Services
Managed Security Service Features
Selected Providers of Managed Security for Small Businesses
Use of Free Software or Online Tools by Company Size (Q2/16)
Forecast Methodology Computer and Network Setup
Annual Revenue: Computer and Network Setup
Forecast Methodology One-time Support Revenue
Small Business: One-time Support Revenue
Forecast Methodology Subscription Support Revenue
Annual Revenue: Support Subscriptions
Forecast Methodology - Managed Security Service
Annual Revenue: Managed Security Services