01 HD Map Basic Technologies
1.1 Overview of HD Map
1.1.1 Classification of HD Map for Autonomous Driving
1.1.2 Composition of HD Map
1.1.3 Roles of HD Map
1.1.4 Integration of HD Map and Positioning Extends to More Application Scenarios

1.2 Main Elements of HD Map
1.2.1 Road Elements Needed by HD Maps for Different Levels of Automated Driving
1.2.2 HD Map Elements Required by NOA Function
1.2.3 HD Map Elements Required by Hands Free Function
1.2.4 HD Map Required by L3 Automated Driving
1.2.5 HD Map Required by L4 Automated Driving
1.2.6 HD Map Elements Collected by Main Map Providers in China
1.2.7 HD Map Elements Collected by Main Foreign Map Providers

1.3 Production Technology of HD Map
1.3.1 HD Map Production Methods
1.3.2 HD Map Produced with SLAM Technology
1.3.3 Vision-based SLAM
1.3.4 LiDAR-based SLAM
1.3.5 Comparison of HD Map Production Methods between Main Map Providers/Technology Providers
1.3.6 HD Map Production Process of Main Map Providers

1.4 Data Updates of HD Map
1.4.1 Update Frequency
1.4.2 HD Map Data Update Schemes of Main Map Providers
1.4.3 HD Map Update Schemes

02 HD Map Policies, Standards and Market Status
2.1 HD Map Policies
2.1.1 Favorable Policies for HD Map Industry

2.2 HD Map Regulations
2.2.1 Regulations Concerning HD Map
2.2.2 Regulations on HD Map Surveying and Mapping
2.2.3 Regulations on HD Map Presentations
2.2.4 Regulations on HD Map Review
2.2.5 Dynamics of China's HD Map Laws and Regulations
2.2.6 Development Trends of HD Map Laws and Regulations

2.3 HD Map Standards
2.3.1 HD Map Data Standard Bodies
2.3.2 Formulation of HD Map Standards in China
2.3.3 Work Plan of the Autonomous Driving Maps and Localization Working Group
2.3.4 Future Application and Update of HD Map for Autonomous Driving: Standard Demand System

2.4 HD Map Market Size
2.4.1 Estimated Installation of HD Map in Autonomous Vehicles in China, 2020
2.4.2 HD Map Market Size
2.5 Competitive Landscape of HD Map Companies
2.5.1 Distribution of HD Map Industry Chain
2.5.2 Status Quo of HD Map Market Competition
2.5.3 Traditional Map Providers Facing Challenges are Actively Seeking to Transform
2.5.4 Win-win Cooperation between Map Providers, and between Map Providers and Technology Providers

03 Main Challenges Posed by HD Map and Technology Trends
3.1 Crowdsourcing Update Technologies for HD Map
3.1.1 Low-cost Collection + SLAM Algorithm
3.1.2 Pure Vision + Deep Learning + SLAM Algorithm
3.1.3 Cloud + Terminal Forms a Closed Update Loop
3.1.4 HD Map Technology Trends: Crowdsourcing Update to Maintain Map “Freshness”

3.2 How HD Map Realizes Multi-source Data Fusion
3.2.1 Build a Service Platform for Multi-source Crowdsourced Data Fusion
3.2.2 Crowdsourced Data Fusion over Cloud
3.2.3 Set a Cross-correlation Layer that Fuses with ADAS Data
3.2.4 Problems in HD Map Data Fusion

3.3 How HD Map Validates Data Integrity
3.3.1 Validation of Data Integrity by Crowdsourcing Update
3.4 Compliance of HD Map
3.4.1 Regulatory Barriers to HD Map
3.4.2 Data Services for HD Map Compliance
3.4.3 Explore Compliance of Crowdsourcing Update
3.4.4 Explore Territorial Distribution and Crowdsourcing mode of Surveying and Mapping
3.4.5 Build a Dynamic HD Map Basic Platform

3.5 HD Map Commercial Models
3.5.1 Services Provided by Main Map Providers
3.5.2 The Integration of HD Map and High-Precision Positioning Technology Provides Technical Support for ADAS
3.5.3 Use HD Map Data to Provide Cloud Services for Autonomous Driving Simulation
3.5.4 Business Models
3.5.5 Commercialization Scenarios
3.5.6 HD Map Commercialization

3.6 How HD Map Integrates with V2X
3.6.1 Application of HD Map in V2X
3.6.2 Data Storage on V2X-DMP
3.6.3 HD Map will Become an Infrastructure for V2X Development
3.6.4 V2X will Support Millisecond Response of HD Map
3.6.5 HD Map and V2X Integrated Application Completes Multi-scenario Services
3.6.6 HD Map and V2X Cooperation

04 Cooperation Models of OEMs and Map Providers
4.1 HD Map Parameters Valued by OEMs
4.1.1 Demand for HD Map from Autonomous Driving
4.1.2 HD Map Parameters Valued by OEMs
4.2 Cooperation Models
4.2.1 Map Providers Offer Basic Kernels and Build In-depth Cooperation with OEMs
4.2.2 Map Providers Rely on Ecological Partners to Provide the Integration of HD Map and Autonomous Driving
4.2.3 OEMs' Independent Layout of HD Map
4.2.4 Map Providers Provide Proprietary Data Processing Platforms for OEMs
4.2.5 Map Providers Provide Autonomous Driving Map Engines for OEMs

4.3 HD Map Solutions Installed by Main OEMs
4.3.1 Cooperation/Investment Layout of Chinese and Foreign OEMs in HD Map Field
4.3.2 HD Map Solution Mounted on GAC's Mass-produced Autonomous Vehicles
4.3.3 HD Map Solution Mounted on Xiaopeng Motors' Mass-produced Autonomous Vehicles
4.3.4 HD Map Solution Installed by General Motors

05 Chinese and Foreign Map Providers
Chinese Map Providers
5.1 Amap
5.1.1 Profile
5.1.2 Data Acquisition of HD Map
5.1.3 Positioning Solution
5.1.4 Integrated Solutions Based on HD Map and High-precision Positioning
5.1.5 HD Map Technology Roadmap
5.1.6 HD Map Collaborations/Applications

5.2 Baidu Map
5.2.1 HD Map Business
5.2.2 Apollo HD Map File Structure
5.2.3 Data Acquisition
5.2.4 AI-driven Automated HD Map Production Line
5.2.5 Professional Surveying and Mapping + Crowdsourcing-based Data Update Modes
5.2.6 HD Map Business Plan
5.2.7 Baidu Creates Differentiated HD Map Service Capabilities
5.2.8 Baidu HD Map Ecosystem and Partners

5.3 NavInfo
5.3.1 Development History of HD Map
5.3.2 HD Map Products
5.3.3 HD Ultimate
5.3.4 HD Pro
5.3.5 HD Lite
5.3.6 HD Map Integrated Solutions
5.3.7 Data-driven Open Platform for L5 Automated Driving
5.3.8 HD Map Data Collection and Update Schemes
5.3.9 Benefits of HD Map Products
5.3.10 HD Map Collaborations
5.3.11 HD Map Coverage

5.4 Tencent Map
5.4.1 Profile
5.4.2 HD Map Business
5.4.3 HD Map Solution
5.4.4 HD Map Production
5.4.5 HD Map Development Strategy
5.5 Leador
5.5.1 Profile
5.5.2 Provide Customized ADAS Map Data Collection Services
5.5.3 Big Data Production Platform
5.5.4 HD Map Data Update
5.5.5 HD Map Service Platform
5.6 eMapgo (EMG)
5.6.1 Profile
5.6.2 HD Map Products
5.6.3 HD Map Production
5.6.4 HD Map Application
5.6.5 HD Map Cloud Platform
5.6.6 Collaboration/Application
5.7 Momenta
5.7.1 Profile
5.7.2 HD Map Technical Route
5.7.3 HD Map Commercial Strategy
5.7.4 Role of HD Map in Mpilot Parking
5.7.5 HD Map Partners
5.8 Heading Data Intelligence
5.8.1 Profile
5.8.2 HD Map Business
5.8.3 HD Map Product Service
5.8.4 HD Map Update
5.9 JD Logistics
5.9.1 Profile
5.9.2 HD Map Business
5.9.3 Production Process of HD Map
5.9.4 Application Scenario of HD Map
5.10 Others
5.10.1 HD Map Business of Jiangsu Zhitu Technology
5.10.2 HD Map Business of Fengtu Technology
5.10.3 Huawei Map
5.10.4 DiTu (Beijing) Technology
5.10.5 Beijing Meida Zhida Technology
5.10.6 ECARX's Layout of HD Map

Foreign Map Providers
5.11 Here
5.11.1 Profile
5.11.2 HD Map Business
5.11.3 HD Live Map
5.11.4 ADAS Map
5.11.5 HD Map Production
5.11.6 HD Map Data Update
5.11.7 Strategic Layout of HD Map
5.11.8 Layout of HD Map in China
5.11.9 Collaboration

5.12 TomTom
5.12.1 Profile
5.12.2 Map Business
5.12.3 HD Map Data Collection
5.12.4 HD Map Production
5.12.5 AutoStream Map Service
5.12.6 Collaboration
5.13 Zenrin
5.13.1 HD Map Business
5.13.2 Partners and Development Plan
5.14 Others
5.14.1 Waymo
5.14.2 Increment P

06 HD Map-related Technology Companies
6.1 Mobileye
6.1.1 HD Map Business
6.1.2 REM Technical Process
6.1.3 REM to Reduce Cost of Map Production and Maintenance
6.1.4 Progress of REM Worldwide
6.2 Dynamic Map Planning
6.2.1 Profile
6.2.2 Dynamic Map
6.3 GEO
6.3.1 Profile
6.3.2 Core Advantages
6.3.3 HD Map Business
6.3.4 Application of HD Map in Logistics
6.4 Horizon
6.4.1 HD Map Business
6.4.2 NavNet Solution and Business Model
6.4.3 Collaboration
6.5 KuanDeng Technology
6.5.1 Profile
6.5.2 HD Map Solution
6.5.3 HD Map Solution Feature
6.6 DeepMap
6.6.1 Profile
6.6.2 Financing and Major Products
6.6.3 3D HD Map Solution
6.6.4 Crowdsourcing Data Fusion Solution
6.6.5 Commercialization Path of HD Map
6.6.6 Collaboration
6.7 Civil Maps
6.7.1 Profile
6.7.2 3D Map Solution
6.7.3 HD Map Production
6.7.4 Major Products
6.7.5 Collaboration
6.8 Carmera
6.8.1 Profile
6.8.2 Autonomous Driving 3D Map Solution
6.8.3 Map Data Acquisition
6.8.4 Collaboration
6.9 Wayz.ai
6.9.1 Profile
6.9.2 Business Layout
6.9.3 Three Kinds of Service
6.9.4 HD Map Business
6.10 Ushr
6.10.1 Profile
6.10.2 HD Map Business Progress
6.11 DeepMotion
6.11.1 Profile
6.11.2 HD Map Technical Solution
6.11.3 HD Map Feature and Advantages
6.11.4 L2+ Supported HD Map
6.11.5 Vision HD Positioning Technology Application in Heavy Truck
6.12 Mapbox
6.12.1 Profile
6.12.2 HD Map Business
6.12.3 Cooperation
6.13 BrightMap
6.13.1 Profile
6.13.2 Major Products
6.13.3 HD Map Business
6.13.4 HD Map Business Planning
6.13.5 Indoor HD Map Application
6.13.6 Cooperation
6.14 Netradyne
6.14.1 Profile
6.14.2 HD Map Business
6.15 Others
6.15.1 Mapper.ai
6.15.2 Atlatec
6.15.3 Bosch HD Map System
6.15.4 Dilu Technology

Companies Mentioned:

Baidu Map
Tencent Map
eMapgo (EMG)
Heading Data Intelligence
JD Logistics
HD Map Business of Jiangsu Zhitu Technology
HD Map Business of Fengtu Technology
Huawei Map
DiTu (Beijing) Technology
Beijing Meida Zhida Technology
ECARX's Layout of HD Map
Increment P
Dynamic Map Planning
KuanDeng Technology
Civil Maps
Bosch HD Map System
Dilu Technology