I. Introduction
A. Core Benefits to Customer:
- Comprehensive financial performance
benchmarking, including, in one package, the
Subject Company's
1. Financial results
2. Financial history
3. Ratios
4. Vital metrics
- Industry-specific comparative financial analysis
and benchmarking of the Subject Company to:
1. Deep financials of each of the leading firms
in the subject company's primary industry
2. Detailed, multi-year financial averages for
all companies within the industry
3. Rankings of the Subject Company against
the top ten companies within the industry
- Profiles of the Subject Company and of its
industry's leading firms
II. Analysis Summary of the Subject Company's Primary
Industry, U.S. Data
- Industry revenues, employee count and growth rate
for 2015
- Top U.S. companies, by revenues (table)
- Industry revenues, current and historical (chart)
- Industry employee population, current and historical
- Industry revenue yearly history and forecast from
2016 to 2023, with yearly CAGR
III. Industry Revenues, Historical and Projected, U.S.
- Historical revenues & annual growth rates,
- Projected revenues & annual growth rates,
IV. Comparative Financial Benchmarks for the Subject
Company by Industry Averages in a 6-year Time Series
of Detailed Financials, U.S. Companies
A. Detailed table of companies used in computing these
B. Income statement averages, 2010-2015
- All income statement items, including cost of
sales, SGA, R&D, salaries/wages, and EBITDA,
with ratios
- Chart showing average company's key expenses
as a percent of revenues
C. Balance sheet averages, 2010-2015
- All items, including property plant and equipment;
accumulated depreciation; goodwill; and long
term debt, including ratios
D. Cash flow averages, 2010-2015
- All cash flow items
V. Competitive Summary of Top Companies Within the
Industry, Profiles & Ranks
Profiles, financial reports, ranks & executive lists for up
to 10 top U.S.-based corporations
A. Top companies within the industry ranked for key
performance items
- Approximate market capitalization
- Employees
- Revenues
- Net income
- 3-Year revenue growth (%)
- 3-Year income growth (%)
- Return on assets (%)
- Return on equity (%)
- Return on invested capital (%)
Compare Top Publicly-Held Companies to Industry
Average, 2015
C. Corporate profiles, comparative analysis of the
Subject Company and of the top companies within its
industry, including executive listings and financial
- Contact information, executive lists
- Business descriptions
- Key financial data for 6 years
- Brands and divisions
- Top salaries
- Corporate culture
- Charts comparing revenues vs. net income
VI. Data Description, Limited Warranty, Copyrights and