Table of Contents

1. Executive summary

2. Market size and growth analysis (Regional analysis )
Market Size Analysis - Latin America compared to other regions
Growth analysis by region
Growth Analysis by Country
Growth Analysis by market

3. Growth potential by countries in Latin America
Risk and reward analysis - Opportunity scores

4. Market size and growth analysis
Overview - Value and volume growth analysis by country
Growth Contribution Analysis by Country
Share of Bakery & Cereals compared to other Food sectors
Change in consumption levels by country and Bakery & Cereals sector s
Per capita consumption and expenditure analysis

5. Country Profiles

6. Success Stories

7. Company and Brand Analysis
Brand Share Analysis in the Bakery & Cereals sector
Leading brands in Latin America Bakery & Cereals sector
Private label penetration in the Bakery & Cereals sector

8. Health & Wellness Analysis
Health & Wellness Analysis - Overview
Health & Wellness market growth analysis by country
Health & Wellness Analysis - Key product attributes and consumer benefits
Leading Health & Wellness companies by market share

9. Key Distribution Channels
Leading Distribution channels by countries
Leading Distribution channels by markets

10. Key Packaging Formats
Growth analysis by key packaging material and container type
Growth analysis by closure type and outers

11. Challenges and Future Outlook
Key challenges
Future Outlook

12. Appendix

Companies Mentioned
• Wickbold & Nosso
• Kellogg Company
• pepsiCo
• Pandurata Alimentos
• Nestle
• Mondelez International
• M. Dias Branco
• Grupo Bimbo
• Grupo Arcor
• cereal partners Worldwide