Editor’s Note
Column 1 Market Dynamics
CCNU’s novel pesticides to be commercialized
2016 List of Contributive Plant Protection Products highlights fungicides
Pyraclostrobin competition gets hot in China
Column 2 Company Dynamics
Limin Chemical starts the integration of propineb supply chain
Shandong Vicome Greenland: fungicides plants to begin productions
Zhejiang Xinnong to enter the pyraclostrobin market
Chongqing Chemical to seek new profit source from fungicides
Lanfeng Bio-Chem terminates the acquisition of Double Whale Pharmaceutical
Column 3 Import and Export
China’s export volume of prochloraz formulations up by 78.66% YoY during Jan.–April
Column 4 Registration
Pyraclostrobin mixtures lead registration of pyraclostrobin in China
No fungicide registered in China in June
Column 5 Policy
MOA seeks opinions on 6 regulations related to pesticide registrations
Column 6 Diseases
Watch out for rice sheath blight in hot and humid weather
Predictions on occurrence of major crop diseases in Shandong Province in H2 2017
Main rice diseases: overview and forecast in 2017
Potato late blight to extremely occur during H2 July and H1 Sept.
Column 7 Brief News
Mixture between pyraclostrobin and tebuconazole effective for grape ripe rot
Shandong Province starts to check potential risks in chemical industry
Jiangsu Province produces 40% pesticides of national total
Jiangsu Huifeng launches first ternary mixture seed coating agent
Recyclable pH controlled release pesticide developed
Shandong Kangqiao has a larger pyraclostrobin family
Column 8 Price Update
Ex-works prices of main fungicides in China, 8 July, 2017
Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, 8 July, 2017
FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, 8 July, 2017

Companies Mentioned
- Limin Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Shandong Vicome Greenland Chem Co., Ltd.
- Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Co., Ltd.
- Chongqing Chemical Pesticides (Group) Co., Ltd.
- Jiangsu Lanfeng Biochemical Co., Ltd.