1. Introduction - understanding market context
Executive Summary
Industry Snapshot - Alcoholic Beverages
Inhibitors and Enablers of growth

2. Category and segment insight - identifying growth opportunities
Beer & Cider Volume and Value Growth Forecasts
Beer - Emerging trends
Cider - Emerging trends
Performance by Category
Beer & Cider Types -Winners & Losers
Brand vs Private Label Dynamics
Price Segment Dynamics
Flavour Dynamics
Craft Dynamics
Alcoholic Strength Dynamics
Beer Emerging Trends & Opportunities
Cider Emerging Trends & opportunities

3. Company and brand insight - the competitive landscape defined
Leading company volume & value
Leading Beer & Cider Companies
Leading beer and Cider Companies
Beer - Brand & Private Label Trends
Cider - Brand & Private Label Trends
Brand Performance - Best in Category

4. Distribution insight - attractive routes to market
Beer & Cider Sub-channel Change
Price point analysis

5. Product & Packaging insights - key trends and strategic issues
Product Trends and Strategic Issues - Beer and Cider
Packaging Trends and Strategic Issues - Beer and Cider
Beer Packaging Trends
Cider Packaging Trends

6. Consumer insight - who, what, when, where and why
Key Drivers Influencing Beer & Cider consumption
Flavor innovation
Strategic Issues Summary Map

7. Recommendations -White spaces and innovation
opportunities across the consumer value chain
Highest growth segments meeting consumer trends
Actionable Insights

8. Market Context and Disruptors
Top Global Issues Impacting Beer & Cider
Top Political and Economic Disruptors
Top Demographic Disruptors across the value chain
Top Consumer Disruptors across the value chain
Top Technological Disruptors across the value chain
Top Stories in the US
Macroeconomic environment

9. Appendix and Definitions

Companies Mentioned
- Anheuser-Busch
- MillerCoors
- Crown Imports
- Heineken USA
- Pabst
- Boston Beer Co.
- Yuengling Brewery
- North American Breweries