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Mobile market dynamics

Considerations for integrated players

Future pricing trends


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List of figures

Figure 1: Short- and long-term approaches to mobile pricing in the context of moves towards unlimited data plans

Figure 2: Timeline of selected unlimited mobile data plan launches

Figure 3: Current approaches to unlimited mobile data tariff pricing and examples of operators that are deploying these approaches

Figure 4: Percentage point market share change per year after the launch (t=0) of unlimited mobile data tariffs, before and after other operators in their respective markets launched unlimited plans of their own, by operator

Figure 5: Main approaches to mobile pricing in the context of unlimited data plans

Figure 6: Selected postpaid speed-based tariffs, Finland, 2Q 2017

Figure 7: Mobile subscriber net additions, Finland, 2007–2016

Figure 8: Price of sample postpaid tariffs as a percentage overall postpaid ARPU 2Q 2017

Figure 9: Unlimited call, SMS and data plans, restrictions and traffic management policies, by operator, USA, 2Q 2017

Figure 10: Cellular data traffic per handset SIM, selected countries, 2007–2016

Figure 11: Areas of consideration for integrated operators when responding to moves towards unlimited plans

Figure 12: Minimum price per data allowance in SIM-only postpaid tariffs in the Netherlands, by operator, 2Q 2017

Figure 13: Mobile connections growth in the Netherlands, by operator, 2Q 2016–2Q 2017

Figure 14: Service and features beyond core services that are added to Swisscom’s converged bundles

Figure 15: ATandT’s unlimited call, SMS, and data allowance plans

Figure 16: Potential content-based tariff structures

Figure 17: Illustration of quad-play tariff rebalancing between fixed and mobile prices

Figure 18: List of known launches of unlimited LTE plans at 3Q 2017