1. Technological Advancements in the High Speed Rail Industry - Growth Prospects and Emerging Opportunities, 2017
Summary of Key Findings
Research Scope
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Snapshot of Benefits from the Successful HSR Investments

HSR - The Smart and Integrated Transportation
Global Megacities
Smart Transport is Foundational to Every Mega Regions
World Urbanization
HSR Operational Models
HSR Promotes Local Economic Growth
Knowledge and Skills Development
Benefits of HSR Development
Successful HSR Systems and Integration

Shinkansen High Speed Train Network - Japan
Addressing Rising Transportation Issues
The World Leader in HSR Trains
Japan Pioneered the Use of HSR lines
HSR Impact, Challenges and Key Learnings

High Speed Train Network - China
The World's Largest HSR Network
China's Current and Planned HSR Network
Known as the Longest High Speed Railway in the World
HSR Impact, Challenges and Key Learnings

Taiwan High Speed Rail
Government has Started Aggressively to Promote the HSR Projects
A Mix of the World's Best Representative HSR Systems
HSR Impact, Challenges and Key Learnings

Korea Train eXpress (KTX)-South Korea
HSR Improved the Accessibility and Halved Inter-City Commuting Time
Operating HSR Systems Requires a Significant Financial Investment
HSR Impact, Challenges and Key Learnings

Alta Velocidad Española (AVE)-Spain
Government Effort to Improve the HSR Infrastructure
Spain's Transportation Strategy
The Largest Europe's HSR Network in Terms of Length
HSR Impact, Challenges and Key Learnings

Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Future HSR Growth
Growth Opportunity - Transport Infrastructure

The Last Word
The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

High Speed is Rapidly Expanding New Transport Mode and Often Described as the “Transport Mode of the Future”
HSR Remains as a Major Investment that Needs High Traffic Density to Deliver a Positive Benefit-cost Ratio
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