Forestry, Wood and Paper in Mexico
April 2019


Rising Paper Packaging Demand To Drive Industry Turnover Growth
Export Growth To Pick Up Gradually Following Negotiation of Usmca
Recovering Residential Construction To Foster Wood Production
Competitive Landscape
Paper Producers To Maintain Investment Levels in Capacity Additions
Industry Overview
Chart 1 Turnover
Chart 2 Value Added , LCU million
Chart 3 Profit and Profit Margin
Chart 4 Turnover by Category , LCU million
Chart 5 Corrugated Paper, Paperboard and Containers Turnover
Chart 6 Wood and Wood products Turnover
Chart 7 Disposable Paper Products Turnover
Chart 8 Forestry Turnover
Chart 9 Pulp, Paper and Paperboard Turnover
Chart 10 Absolute Growth by Category, LCU million
Cost Structure
Chart 11 Cost Structure , LCU million
Chart 12 Costs’ Structure
Chart 13 Imports, Exports and Trade Balance , LCU million
Chart 14 Exports by Category
Chart 15 Exports by Country , LCU million
Chart 16 Imports by Category
Chart 17 Imports by Country , LCU million
Market Structure
Chart 18 Market Structure , LCU million
Chart 19 Market Structure by Category , LCU million
Chart 20 Market Structure by Buyer
Chart 21 Demand Structure
Chart 22 Employment Statistics and Productivity
Chart 23 Industry Concentration , % share of Turnover
Chart 24 Top Companies’ Shares , % of Turnover
Chart 25 Top Companies’ Share Dynamics , % of Turnover
Chart 26 Turnover Performance by Company
Industry Context
Chart 27 Industry vs GDP Performance , % YOY growth
Chart 28 Forestry, Wood and Paper vs Other Industries , LCU million
Chart 29 Industry Turnover by Region , USD million
Chart 30 Forestry, Wood and Paper in Latin America , USD million