Healthcare and Social Services in Australia
June 2019


Industry Growth Ensured by Strong Government Spending Commitments
Private Spending on Health Services Is Set To Pick Up Again
Competitive Landscape
Investment in Health Infrastructure Anticipated To Gather Pace
Uncertainty Clouds Private Investment Outlook
Progress Continues in the Implementation of Digital Health Solutions
Industry Overview
Chart 1 Turnover , LCU million
Chart 2 Value Added , LCU million
Chart 3 Profit and Profit Margin
Chart 4 Turnover and Growth by Category , LCU million
Chart 5 Hospitals, Medical And Dental Services Turnover , LCU million
Chart 6 Social Work Services Turnover , LCU million
Chart 7 Veterinary Services Turnover , LCU million
Chart 8 Absolute Growth by Category, LCU million
Cost Structure
Chart 9 Cost Structure , LCU million
Chart 10 Imports, Exports and Trade Balance , LCU million
Chart 11 Exports , LCU million
Chart 12 Exports Share by Category , % of Total Exports
Chart 13 Imports , LCU million
Chart 14 Imports Share by Category , % of Total Imports
Market Structure
Chart 15 Market Structure by Category , LCU million
Chart 16 Market Share by Category , % of Total Market
Chart 17 Market Structure , LCU million
Chart 18 Market Structure by Buyer , LCU million
Chart 19 Employment Statistics and Productivity
Chart 20 Number of Companies by Company's Size
Chart 21 Firmographics Distribution by Company Size , % of Total Companies
Chart 22 Firmographics Distribution by Turnover , % of total Turnover
Chart 23 Industry Concentration , % Share of Turnover
Chart 24 Top Companies' Shares , % of Turnover
Chart 25 Top Companies' Share Dynamics , % of Turnover
Chart 26 Turnover Performance by Company
Digital Business
Chart 27 Share of ECommerce Activities , %
Chart 28 Number of Companies Receiving Orders Online
Chart 29 Number of Companies Placing Orders Online
Chart 30 Revenue from ECommerce, , LCU million
Industry Context
Chart 31 Attractiveness Index in Selected Industries
Chart 32 Industry vs GDP Performance , % yoy Growth
Chart 33 Healthcare and social services vs Other Industries , LCU million
Chart 34 Industry Turnover by Region , USD million
Chart 35 Healthcare and Social Services in Australasia and ASEAN , USD million