Car Rental (destination) in Indonesia
September 2019


Economic and Infrastructural Growth Fuels Car Rental Sales in 2019
End of Ramadan Is Start of A Peak for Car Rental
Car Rental Demand Is Tied To Overall Travel Performance, While Otas Are Increasingly Influential
Category Data
Table 1 Car Rental Sales: Value 2014-2019
Table 2 Car Rental Online Sales: Value 2014-2019
Table 3 Structure of Car Rental Market 2014-2019
Table 4 Car Rental NBO Company Shares: % Value 2015-2019
Table 5 Car Rental Brands by Key Performance Indicators 2019
Table 6 Forecast Car Rental Sales: Value 2019-2024
Table 7 Forecast Car Rental Online Sales: Value 2019-2024
Executive Summary
Growth in Travel Flows Decelerates, But Chinese Tourists Remain A Bright Spot for Indonesia
Online Bookings Are in the Ascendancy
Airline Carriers Raise Ticket Prices Significantly As Fuel Costs Escalate
Informal Short-term Rentals Pose A Challenge To Budget Hotels
While Remaining A Work in Progress, Indonesia Will Still Draw the Crowds
Summary 1 Destination Indonesia: SWOT
Market Data
Table 8 Annual Leave: Volume 2014-2019
Table 9 Travellers by Age: Number of People 2014-2019
Table 10 Seasonality: Number of People 2014-2019
Table 11 Leisure Outbound Demographics: Number of Trips 2014-2019
Table 12 Other Transport Sales: Value 2014-2019
Table 13 Other Transport Online Sales: Value 2014-2019
Table 14 Forecast Other Transport Sales: Value 2019-2024
Table 15 Forecast Other Transport Online Sales: Value 2019-2024
Table 16 Activities: Value 2014-2019
Table 17 Forecast Activities: Value 2019-2024
Summary 2 Research Sources