1. Executive Summary
Autonomous Trucking Roadmap
Current Trucking Industry Pain Points
Future Autonomous Trucking Pain Points
Autonomous Trucking - Regulatory Changes Necessary
Autonomous Implications - Regulatory Framework Needs
Future Outlook of Autonomous Trucks & Telematics Services

2. Research Objective, Scope, and Background
Research Scope
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Background and Methodology

3. Evolution of Autonomous Trucking - An Overview
Autonomous Trucking - Autonomous Levels
Autonomous Trucking - Definitions
Autonomous Trucking - Requirements
Autonomous Driving Ecosystem in Trucks
Autonomous Trucking - Benefits
Telematics Services Required - Systems and Hardware
Telematics Services Required - Systems and Hardware (continued)

4. Ecosystem of Telematics Services - An Overview
Current Telematics Ecosystem
Key Telematics Services - Current versus Future Scenario

5. Current Hotspots of Telematics Services
Current Hotspots–Video Safety Systems
Current Hotspots - Platooning
Current Hotspots - Open Platform, Smart Cities, and Data Banks

6. Impact of Autonomy on Telematics Solutions - Overview
Autonomous Trucking - Impact on Vehicle & Fuel Management Services
Autonomous Trucking - Impact on Fleet & Trailer Management Services
Autonomous Trucking - Impact on Compliance, Safety, & Security Services
Autonomous Trucking - Impact on Driver Management Services

7. Impact on Driver Management Solutions
Autonomous Trucking - Changes in Driving Environment
Role of a Driver - Current vs Future
Role of a Driver - Future Environment
Impact on Driver-related Services

8. Impact on Vehicle and Fleet Management Solutions
Impact on Key Vehicle Management Services
Impact on Key Fleet Management Services
Impact on Key Compliance, Safety, and Security Solutions

9. Opportunity Analysis
Impact on Market Relevance of Telematics Solutions
Key Future Telematics Services - Truck as a Data Source
Key Future Telematics Services - BDA & Fleet Analytics
Key Future Telematics Services - Insurance & Compliance

10. Growth Opportunities and Call to Action
Autonomous Trucking & Telematics - Growth Opportunities
Conclusions and Strategic Imperatives

11. Conclusion
The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer

12. Appendix
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
Market Engineering Methodology
List of Exhibits