1. Executive Summary
Introduction to the Study
Key Findings
Key Findings (continued)

2. Research Scope and Background
Research Scope
Research Background

3. Mega Trend 1-Connectivity and Convergence
Nepal - A ‘Mobile-first’ Country
Future Digital Transformation in Nepal
4G Rollout in Nepal
BPO Business Trends in Nepal

4. Mega Trend 2-Bricks and Clicks
Online Retail - The Next Big Thing in Nepal
Successful Participants in Nepal’s Online Retail
Start-up Culture in Nepal
Start-up Categories in Nepal

5. Mega Trend 3-Urbanization: “City as a Customer”
Nepal to Get 8 Mega Cities by 2025
Potential Opportunities Identified Within Mega City Development Projects

6. Mega Trend 4-Social Trends
Social Trends in Nepal
The Gen Z and Gen Y Opportunity for Nepal
Case Studies of Companies Catering to Gen Z and Gen Y Customers

7. Mega Trend 5-Future of Energy
Solar Power in Nepal

8. Mega Trend 6-Future Infrastructure Projects
China’s Contribution in Nepal’s Infrastructural Development
AIIB Huge Investments Toward Nepal Infrastructural Project

9. Mega Trend 7-Future Economic Trends
GDP Growth Outlook
Province-level Macroeconomic Outlook
Migration and Remittances
Evaluating the Structure of the Economy
Travel and Tourism’s Economic Contribution

10. Investment Opportunities Across Key Sectors of Nepal
Growth of FMCG Sector in Nepal
Case Study - Wai Wai Noddles Ventures into Foodservice Operations with Wai Wai City
Case Study - Nestle India is Looking to Diversify into New Segments Like Premium Coffee Business, Pet Care, Skin Health, and Cereals
Case Study - Tata Global Beverages Ltd and Starbucks Coffee Company Introduce Tea Retail in Indian Market
Case Study - Growth Story of Croma: India’s First Large Format Specialist Retail Chain for Consumer Electronics and Durables
Financial Services Sector in Nepal
Case Study - Collaborative Business Models Between African Financial Institutes and Telecom Operators
CG Money Dominating the Remittance Service in Nepal
Future Opportunities in Mobile Financial Services in Nepal
Hospitality Sector in Nepal
Airports Development in Nepal
Real Estate Trends in Nepal
Smart Cities in Nepal
Case Study - Tata Projects Limited Has Created a Dedicated Division to Tap the Opportunities Expected to Be Generated by the Smart Cities Initiatives in India

11. Leadership Case Studies of Regional Family Business for Nepalese Business Houses
Case Study - Tata Group Non-industrial Businesses
Case Study - Mahindra Group Businesses
Learning for Businesses from Tata Group and Mahindra Group Businesses for Nepalese Business Houses

12. Recommendations for National and International Business Houses Investing in Nepal
Recommendation for Growth in FMCG, Real Estate, and Hospitality Sector in Nepal - Are you Future Ready?
Recommendation for Growth in Retail, Cement, and Finance Sector in Nepal - Are you Ready to Rise?
Recommendation for New Business Ventures in Nepal
Legal Disclaimer

13. Appendix
List of Exhibits