Executive Snapshot

New Market Developments and Dynamics

Market Context

The Rise of the 3rd Platform

Chapter 1: Experimentation (2007+)

Chapter 2: Multiplied Innovation (2015+)

Chapter 3: Autonomy (2022+)

The 3rd Platform and its role in DX

Partner of the Future 1.0: The Impact of the First Chapter of the 3rd Platform on IT Solution Providers

Partner of the Future 2.0: The DX Partner

Transformation 1: Technology and the Second Chapter of the 3rd Platform

The First Chapter: From 2nd Platform to 3rd Platform

The Second Chapter: From 3rd Platform to Digital Products, Services, and Experiences

Transformation 2: Focus

The First Chapter: From Broad to Specialized

The Second Chapter: From Specialized to Digital Innovation

Transformation 3: Activities

The First Chapter: From Resale & Services to Services & Creating IP

The Second Chapter: From Services & Creating IP to Co-Creating Ecosystem Solutions

Transformation 4: Customer

The First Chapter: From Selling to IT to Selling to Business & IT

The Second Chapter: From Selling to Business & IT to Selling to the C-Suite

Transformation 5: Competition

The First Chapter: From Traditional to Non-Traditional

The Second Chapter: From Non-Traditional to Coopetitive & Industrial Relationships

Transformation 6: Alliances

The First Chapter: From "Do It Ourselves" to P2P Collaboration

The Second Chapter: From P2P Collaboration to Connected Ecosystems

Transformation 7: Sales Motion

The First Chapter: From Deal to Relationship

The Second Chapter: From Relationship to Iterative, Use-Case Based Projects

Transformation 8: Time Horizon

The First Chapter: From Short-Term to Long-Term

The Second Chapter: From Long-Term to Continuous Transformation

Transformation 9: Go-to-Market

The First Chapter: From Traditional to Digital

The Second Chapter: From Digital to CX Focus & Digital Marketplaces

Advice for IT solution providers

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