Executive Summary
Key Findings-2019 Highlights
Key Findings-2020 Outlook
Sizing the Potential Uptake of New Mobility Services

Impact of COVID-19 on Shared Mobility

Trends Shaping the Global Shared Mobility Market
Top Trends Driving the Global Shared Mobility Market
Trend 1-Increase in Use of EVs in Shared Mobility Fleets
Trend 2-Evolution from Single Shared Mobility Apps to Mega Apps
Trend 3-Evolving Regulatory Framework for Shared Mobility
Trend 4-PPPs Key to Scale Shared Mobility
Trend 5-Corporate Mobility to Take a Hit Due to COVID-19
Trend 6-MaaS, the Backbone of Urban Mobility
Trend 7-Scaling Down of Mobility Operators Globally
Trend 8-M&A, Consolidation Key to Achieve Economies of Scale
Trend 9-Capital and Investments Drive Operator Expansion
Trend 10-Autonomous Mobility Inching towards Commercialization
Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
Research Scope
Key Questions this Study will Answer
Research Background
Research Methodology
Definition - Traditional Carsharing
Traditional Carsharing - Key 2019 Highlights
Definition - P2P Carsharing
P2P Carsharing - Key 2019 Highlights
Corporate Carsharing
Corporate Carsharing - Highlights
Carsharing - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Definition of eHailing Business Models
eHailing - Key 2019 Highlights
eHailing - EV Regulations
Corporate eHailing Revolution - Highlights
eHailing - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Definition of Ridesharing Types
Ridesharing - Key 2019 Highlights
Corporate Ridesharing - Highlights
Ridesharing - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Dynamic Shuttle/DRT
Demand-Responsive Transit - Market Overview
Demand-Responsive Transit - Key 2019 Highlights
Demand-Responsive Transit - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Definition and Key Players
Bikesharing - Key 2019 Highlights
Micromobility - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)
Definition of MaaS
MaaS Market Segmentation
MaaS - Key 2019 Highlights
MaaS - New Market Entrants
MaaS-2019 Key Partnerships
MaaS - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Autonomous Shuttles
Autonomous Shuttle Market Definitions
Autonomous Shuttle - Key 2019 Highlights
Initiatives Across the Globe - Public Private Integration
Autonomous Shuttle - How the Market will Shape Up in 2020?
Key Trends that Would Shape the Future of Shared Mobility
Cloud Kitchens will Drive Online Food Delivery
Last-mile Delivery Innovations
Future of MaaS - Smart City Operating System
UAM Players Racing towards Commercialization
Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
Growth Opportunity - Mobility Business Models
Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
Conclusions and Future Outlook
Key Conclusions and Future Outlook

The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
Legal Disclaimer
Abbreviations and Acronyms Used
List of Exhibits