1. Research Objectives and Methodology
Research Objectives
Survey Methodology

2. Executive Summary
Key Findings
Executive Summary - CEO Perspective

3. Market Perspective
Brazilian Macroeconomic Perspective
Healthcare Expenditure
Brazilian Healthcare Infrastructure

4. Respondent and Hospital Profiles
Respondent Profile
Hospital Location
Number of Beds
Number of ICU Beds
Healthcare IT Budget Allocation
Projections for Healthcare IT Investment
Key Decision Makers
Budget Dedicated to IT Security
Current Healthcare IT Solution Adoption
Expected Healthcare IT Solution Adoption
Current Use of Healthcare IT Procedures

5. Healthcare IT System Priorities and Challenges
Barriers to Adoption of Healthcare IT Solutions
Healthcare IT Goals

6. EMRs
EMR Providers
Current EMR Hosting Model
Current EMR System Satisfaction

PACS/RIS Providers
Current PACS/RIS Hosting Model
Current PACS/RIS Satisfaction

8. HIS
HIS Providers
Current HIS Hosting Model
Current HIS Satisfaction
Adherence to CFM Security Manual

9. Interoperability Systems
Interoperability Providers
Current Interoperability Hosting Model

10. ERP Systems
ERP Providers
Current ERP Hosting Model

11. BI Analytics
BI Analytics Providers
Current BI Analytics Hosting Model

12. ECM
ECM Providers
Current ECM Hosting Model

13. System Database
Database Providers
Cloud Adoption for Databases
Disaster Recovery Strategy
Service Interruption Contingency Plan

14. HIMSS Validation
HIMSS EMRAM Validation

15. ABCIS Expectations
Legal Disclaimer

16. Appendix
List of Exhibits